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  1. F

    FS: Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket

    Good afternoon, selling my Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket. It is in really great condition. size is Large. It's a great jacket but I now I need a medium Commando or something similar in size 42. You are welcome to pass by and try it out if needed, just PM me if ever you are...
  2. N

    Clinch Engineer Boots Brown OD Horsebutt CN-Wide 10.5 US 11.5 Japan

    Selling a pair of Clinch brown hand overdyed soft toe horsebutt engineers made for Standard and Strange in the CN-Wide last. These are in great condition and are just starting to break in. You can just see some rolls starting up. Asking $1375 shipped.
  3. N

    NWT Butterscotch LB x Golden Bear Anderson 2.0 sz 40 Cafe Racer in Cherry Wine Veg Tan

    New With Tags incredibly rare and limited Anderson 2.0 Cafe Racer designed by Butterscotch LB and Golden Bear. They made two short runs of this jacket that sold out both times, and I have never seen one for resale. Made in USA. This is one of the most beautiful jackets I have ever seen, and...
  4. A

    The most ridiculous Himel yet? Freenote Collab Beck.

    So Himel is doing a special run of Beck 333s with some hair-on-hide at the D-pocket as a collab with Freenote Cloth. The jacket itself is rather unremarkable. (Schott's own reproductions, under their own label and with RRL, look much more attractive.) The sizing is where we end up in classic...
  5. M

    FS: Himel Bros Victoria In Dark Brown Oil Waxed Shinki Horsehide

    Himel Bros Leather Jacket Bought in 2021 Worn 3 Months Model is Victoria in Dark Brown Oil Tanned Wax Finish (Shinki Horsehide from Japan) Liner is Khaki Twill Hardware is Nickel (Silver Colour) Has Two Internal Pockets Jacket fits size 34-36 (Chest) Jacket Measurements: Chest: 18.5...
  6. P

    3Sixteen Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt XXL 500gsm fleece

    Up for sale is this heavyweight 3Sixteen Crewneck sweatshirt with pockets. The photos make this out to appear more faded than it actually is. The sun in the room seemed to have washed out the black color of it. In person it is much more black. It has been worn 2 times and washed one single time...
  7. Geekrobot

    Himel: An Existential Review

    TLDR; I ordered a bespoke Chevalier jacket from Himel Bros. Leather. It took 20 weeks to complete, more than double their estimated lead time of 2 months. The jacket itself is excellent, but their service was not very good, especially at the price they charge. What was supposed to be a...
  8. H

    B6 Shearling - 46 - Good Wear - John Chapman made

    I received this beautiful got this jacket from @Jejupe and am reselling it. I'm US based and am just looking for what I paid 1250€ ($1350). He did a great job describing it. I believe this was 1 of only 3 made. "For sale is my rare gem: a B6 I picked up from John Chapman of Good wear in person...
  9. C

    Himel Bros. / Kensington / Size 44 / Black Shinki Horsehide

    Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller (I’m more of a StyleForum guy, feel free to check me over there for rep). For your consideration: Himel Bros. Kensington, size 44, black Shinki horsehide pigment finish (teacore). Black Thread, Talon nickel hardware, black cotton twill lining...
  10. M

    Looking for Himel Bros Jackets in size 44

    Hi All, I'm interested in Himel Brothers Jackets in size 44 particularly in the makes of the Avro, Chevalier or Kensington. Let me know what you've got! Thanks!
  11. K

    FS/Trade Himel Bro. Wolverine size 42 medium brown Shinki Horsehide

    Somehow I cannot update the picture for the old post. I guess I will have to make a new one. I'm having this beautiful Himel Bro Wolverine size 42 up for sale or trade. There is no doubt why this is the flagship jacket from Himel Bros. The Medium Brown shinki Horsehide have such amazing grain...
  12. K

    FS/Trade Himel Bro Wolverine size 42

    I'm having this beautiful Himel Bro Wolverine size 42 up for sale or trade. There is no doubt why this is the flagship jacket from Himel Bros. The Medium Brown shinki Horsehide have such amazing grain and the fur is just out of this world. Asking $1800+Shipping. Trade preference: Freewheelers...
  13. P

    FS: Himel Canuck Shinki Med. Brown Oil Tanned Sz 40 (P2P: 21")

    Hello! I’m looking to move on this lightly worn Himel Canuck as it is a bit too tight in the chest for me. Never felt fully comfortable in it so it didn’t get worn much. The jackets retails for $2,650 USD but I am selling it for $2,150 USD. Shipping is included (worldwide) and is shipped from...
  14. yorch

    Fit check - custom moosehide Himel A1

    Friends, I recently received a custom A1 in moosehide from Himel after a long wait (+6 months). I must say that the moosehide is something else, the look and feel of the texture is like nothing I've seen/felt before, unlike deerskin is buttery soft, yet it feels sturdy. I have been wanting an...
  15. Ole K. Vik

    My collection so far... What's next?

    Just thought I would share my leather jacket collection so far... The weather was so nice today so I had a little photo session in my garden. 1. Himel Brothers Wolverine 2. Rainbow Country Sports Jacket 3. The Flat Head Delraiser 4. Fine Creek Leathers Eric 5. Eastman Leather Clothing A-1...
  16. H

    Fine Creek Leather HH 'James' Size 40

    Hi All, For sale is my FCL HH james jacket. It is a size 40 and these run very small (closer to 36-38). I'm selling because unfortunately the jacket is just a bit too tight for me (dang quarantine). The jacket is in fairly good shape. If you know how FCL teacore wears you can see some places...
  17. P

    recommendation for bespoke leather jacket

    Hi All, I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with a list of some bespoke leather jacket makers. I have been hoping to purchase this jacket for some time now: https://shipjohn.us/collections/clothing/products/langlitz-x-ship-john-veg-tanned-wills-deposit But it appears that...
  18. P

    FS: Like New Himel Bros x Orvis Limited Edition Northlander Railroad Jacket Medium

    Like New Himel Bros x Orvis Limited Edition Northlander Railroad Jacket Italian Oxblood Steerhide Images: https://imgur.com/a/2t4H74z Size: Medium (Note: size medium roughly corresponds to a traditional 38-40. Detailed measurements are contained in the photos) Cotton Lining in the...
  19. D

    Himel x HTC D-Pocket (42) , Vintage (?) Schott Navy Suede Perfecto (40/42), Vintage TT Leathers (38)

    Full Album of Jackets : https://imgur.com/a/S0REhCa Himel x Hollywood Trading Co. Vintage-style D-Pocket (42), American "Dark Oak" Steerhide, Custom HTC Nickel Hardware. Tons of cool little details. Here's what Himel (Parker, I believe) had to say about it when I asked for details: "American...
  20. P

    NEW Himel Bros Rose Blanket/horsehide Jacket Size 42 one-of-a-kind

    Hi All, Looking to sell this absolutely incredible Himel Bros jacket. There is literally only one of these in existence. I'm not 100% sure what this is worth, so feel free to make an offer. Size 42 Images: https://imgur.com/a/kikzUyM The trim is made of horsehide The construction on the...

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