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  1. ClaytonMoore

    Bill Kelso Indy Jackets ?

    I'm new to the forum, so here's my first thread, Does anybody have any experience with Bill Kelso's various Indy jackets ? They seem to be priced far lower than any of the other jackets Bill offers. Are they better or worse than Wested Indy jackets ...
  2. C

    Magnoli Adventure Jacket, Small

    Friends, I have an incredible modified Indy jacket made by Magnoli Clothiers that I'm trying to sell. Despite my best efforts to take accurate measurements, I ended up with a jacket that is much too tight in the chest for me. It's a shame because the jacket is phenomenal - the cowhide leather...
  3. D

    Belstaff Indiana (Indy) Jones Jacket

    I found the Belstaff Indy jacket that was released under the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull license back in 2008 on eBay for a decent deal so I pulled the trigger on it. It just came in the mail today so I am posting some fit pictures and measurements as an FYI. The sleeves are a bit short, but I...
  4. fedoraguy68

    QUESTION: Akubra Federation IV Deluxe - sun exposure??

    Hi all - just signed up to this amazing forum! I recently purchased a Fed. IV Deluxe by Akubra - beautiful piece. I am leaving next Tuesday to spend 2 solid weeks in Cancun, Mexico. My concern: will this hat tolerate the extreme sun and heat from the Mexican sun? Having just purchased it I...

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