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  1. steur

    Italian makers trademarks

    I happened to stumble upon the Italian State Archive (Archivio centrale della stato) and with some advanced squirreling you can find the archives of The Ministero D'Agricoltura, Industria e Commercio. The ministry was responsible for the trademarks and they have their archive digitalized. The...
  2. steur

    FS Cervo Bantam Gold fedora size 60 (7 1/2)

    Cervo Bantam Gold. No label inside the hat, so unsure of the colour . Based on the measurement it's a size 60. Overwelt brim at 6,5cm and the crown at 10,5cm at the center dent. There was a folded newspaper inside the sweatband dated 1973. Could well be, but could also have been added later...
  3. A

    Belstaff vintage Panther 1966 leather jacket

    Belstaff Panther 1966. Size Medium leather jacket. Made in Italy. I got this years back and have worn it a few times but as much as I would like it to fit, it’s just a wee bit snug on me. I am 6f tall and 185 lbs. Someone a bit shorter and slimmer would fit this perfect. Its in excellent...
  4. deadlyhandsome

    Borsalino Marque Grand Luxe brown fedora **SOLD

    Borsalino Marque Grande Luxe 5X soft short velour fedora. The open crown is 4 1/2 inches and the overwelted brim is two (2) inches wide. Excellent condition all the way around. The size is 5 1/2 Punti or approximately 7 1/4 US. Outside/natural light show the true color. $80 shipped to...
  5. R

    My father has been manufacturing shoes for the biggest luxury brands for almost 40 years.

    I convinced him to start his own thing. At 71. He is a shoemaker and worked in a factory near Florence (Italy) his whole life. I've been trying to convince him for years, and now I'm helping him to launch his first collection. They are custom suede shoes, handcrafted in Italy. I'm biased so...

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