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  1. F

    Schott CAF1 cafe racer leather jacket

    Cool cafe racer from Schott that is called the CAF1: here is some info from their website: We've resurrected the original cafe racer. Based on an over 50 year old model, this jacket is ready to wear. This jacket means business. It is ready to begin the break in period, it will be incredible with...
  2. C

    Himel Bros. / Kensington / Size 44 / Black Shinki Horsehide

    Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller (I’m more of a StyleForum guy, feel free to check me over there for rep). For your consideration: Himel Bros. Kensington, size 44, black Shinki horsehide pigment finish (teacore). Black Thread, Talon nickel hardware, black cotton twill lining...
  3. Jsparks49

    Aero buco j100 board racer custom

    I know I’m going to regret this sale. But I need to move this on(I think) anyway here she goes custom Aero j-100 buco board racer tagged size 46. Used but still in top condition. No stains, rips or smells. Nonsmoker. FQHH BROWN-BLACK Asking $950 shipped F&F or cover the fees. Measurements...
  4. Merv

    Real McCoy's J-100 (NZ vs. Japan)

    Hello, Does anyone out there know how the older "made in New Zealand" Real McCoy's J-100 jackets compare in fit to the newer "made in Japan" jackets? Do the NZ jackets run a bit larger? It seems like they do. I have my eye on a couple used jackets - but, indecisive about which size to get. Thanx!
  5. puiyc1203

    FS: Real Mccoy Buco J-100 size 42

    Real Mccoy Buco J-100 j100 size 42, cafe racer shinki horsehide, tea core, very shinny and beautiful, I have talked a few in my review, please feel free to read if interested I received on mid Oct for $1885, never wore outdoor, no smell. As I have tried for a few times, very little crease on...
  6. puiyc1203

    Bill Kelso Durable One Star follow-up with real mccoy buco j-100

    This would be my second review on bill kelso durable one star I have tried for a week This time I try to make it brief, and I would use Real Mccoy Buco J-100 in same size 42 for comparison. As usual, my opinion is highly subjective, like it or not please feel free to leave a comment. hide...