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jacques marie mage

  1. Grasp loo paper

    JMM Kobo black fade & Baudelaire 2 Lunar

    Hi there fellow loungers, Having found my grail glasses, I’d like to let these 2 go to fund the purchase. The Baudelaire 2 lunar was bought at Leidmanns tried on, never worn. I did swap out the sunglasses lens with transitions, if you purchase the glasses you’ll get both. Condition is new...
  2. A

    The Flat Head, Niuhans, EG, Post O'Alls, Sunny Sports

    Excuse the blurbs. I have taken some bits from ebay, so there is a bit of fluff in there! Engineered Garments Grey Bedford Slim-Fit Unstructured Wool-Blend Tweed Blazer. Looking for £200 + Shipping. Condition is New with tags. Comes with all original tags and extra buttons. Hanger not...

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