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  1. Grasp loo paper

    ONIxTANUKI high rise taper 21.5oz secret denim collab

    Hi fellow Loungers, I have here a pair of OTHT secret denim 21.5 oz in label size 29, worn twice once outside, once around the house. It is just tight enough to make it uncomfortable so I’d like to Pass it on to someone who might enjoy it. It is in like new condition. Please refer to pictures...
  2. B

    Aero Leather Jeans Size 32

    Never Worn purchased in mid 1990s Aero Leather Jeans size 32 $450 CAD plus shipping from Canada at cost
  3. A

    Unworn sz 36 Samurai ‘Blade Denim’ (rare 1940s Lee repro)

    Hi all, I bought these jeans earlier this year because I love the 1930s and 1940s Lee Cowboy jeans. My favorite pair of jeans (which I’m wearing right now) are an RRL repro of the same 101 from a few years ago, so I sought out and bought this limited edition Samurai. I was deeply impressed— the...
  4. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Midweight Cowhide Jeans (black)

    Hey guys, these cowhide jeans are a 32x30 and fit like a pair of bootcut jeans. They're in brand new condition and just taking up room in my closet. As such, they should go to someone who will appreciate them. Make me a reasonable offer and they're yours.
  5. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    BLACK LEATHER JEANS (size W32 x L30) - $250

    Just kidding. The price is $125 + shipping to anywhere in the United States. These bootcut leather jeans have never been worn and are in perfect condition. Constructed of black mid-weight cowhide, they're absolutely perfect for people who are cooler than me (AKA everyone). Thanks, Max
  6. Bahabp100

    First soak Levi’s 501 raw rigid 0000

    Here is a picture of my new Levi’s 501 rigid 0000 by the book soaking and wearing and they dried like this . I’m pretty happy so far
  7. lina

    FS: Left Field, Cone Mills denim, 36

    These are very close to but not quite new. I got them about a year ago and have worn them maybe three times in the house to try them out. They fit fine and are definitely very cool jeans, but I think I am just not a raw denim guy, and I don't think I'll be getting much wear out of them. These...
  8. A

    Denim: SExDB19 (34) / Boncoura XX (34)

    SelfEdge x DryBones19 denim, size 34. Extremely rare, Hank-dyed natural indigo. Retailed for $575USD. Hardly worn at all, maybe a week of wear. Looking for $350 now 320. Details Name: Self Edge x Dry Bones Natural Indigo Hank Dyed Jeans (SEXDB19) Weight: 14.75oz Fit: Regular with taper from...
  9. Kiko123

    Higher rise jeans for men: Yay or nay?

    Hello everyone! I've noticed that in the 1940s guys wore higher waist jeans and it got me thinking. I'm 6' but my legs are relatively short and I have a long torso. Do you think I am right in wanting to ditch the low-waist look that is so popular? Will it look funny (like I am wearing mommy...
  10. jdiddy

    For sale : momotaros selvedge jeans

    Well it's time to thin the herd of denim. These have been soaked once and the worn very lightly as I wear my others more. Great jeans that need a new home very little fading , a little worn where my knife sits. These are the collab with Japan blue with the blue inseam stiching Tagged 32 True...