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  1. lina

    Lina's leather line-up

    This forum has been a bad influence on me! As much as I've tried to avoid acquiring a "collection" of leather jackets, I realize that's just what I've done, albeit on a relatively small scale. At least, enough for a line-up... All these have been posted before, but here they are in one place...
  2. lina

    new Harley one-pocket Sportster racing shirt

    Of special interest to @technovox , I picked up this cool Sportster racing shirt/jacket for a great deal on the ebay. Always liked the minimalist look of these, but never had a chance to try one on. Size 44, fits me just about perfect. I will have to decide if I’m keeping it for the long...
  3. lina

    What jacket is your Daughter wearing today..?

    Ha, how's that for a variation on a theme? I was very happy to find this small women's Brooks CR on the Ebay (for a steal!) for my daughter, and I made her pose for some pics with me. She was not too excited about it, but did her daughterly duty for the sake of the board.

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