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  1. AlanC

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    As I know some of you can't resist cruising ebay for hats, I thought an ongoing thread where we can brag about a great deal, complain about skyrocketing prices or pointing out a rarity that was, sadly, not in your size but might be of interest to others **Fedora Lounge policy now permits the...
  2. R

    two 1950s Montecristi "optimo" Panama hats - mil fino - size 7-1/4 - 1 unworn, 1 unblocked

    I'm helping my mother-in-law sell some of the hundreds of items that she still had after retiring from many decades of being an antiques dealer here in San Francisco. She's not computer literate so I'm handling the on-line things for her. These two hats were found at an estate sale here in SF...
  3. deadlyhandsome

    Montecristi Custom Hat Works

    I know several folks own hats by Montecristi custom Hat Works of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I‘m fortunate enough own a couple myself. Share yours here. My most recent curtesy of @Bill Hughes https://www.montecristihats.com/
  4. Pboggia

    NEW Brent Black Montecristi Panama Hemingway's hat size 22 1/4in

    NEW Brent Black Montecristi Panama Hemingway's hat size 22 1/4in-- eBay link below https://www.ebay.com/itm/192821266167?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Ill take less -- make an offer here if your interested
  5. Nick Charles

    Straw Types

    I don't now if this has been discussed before. What are they primary types of straw for hats. I know palm straw and , the good panamas. But what is milan straw and sisal straw? Are there benifits to any?[huh]

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