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  1. Zachary

    Do You Watch End Credits?

    Yes, I'm still quite a gentleman of the younger kind (27 yrs old). I still remember times when there was a woman announcing the evening movie with a three-minute-intro. So sad they cancelled this habit. What is even worse on TV is the fact that they start the commercials just after the fade-out...
  2. philosophygirl78

    Science Fiction Genre - Religion vs Scientific Origins, and the Nature of Self Destruction

    I was talking to a friend the other day, who said to me he didn't much care for science fiction.... This got me to thinking about the intense popularity that Science Fiction has taken over the last few decades, and subsequently, the origin of it. It is interesting that there are two schools of...
  3. philosophygirl78

    How has the Evolution of the Silver Screen affected the theater and movie going experience in the...

    ... last 50 years.. Once upon a time, live theater and (often barbaric) fight shows were the source of entertainment for societies... As time passed, fight shows become Olympics and Sports, and theater became the silver screen. Whatever the case at its own time, both Sports and Theater have...
  4. KBHL

    Good dinner jacket movies

    What are some of the best old movies where you can see some fine vintage dinner jackets, for example like Cary Grants in 'Notorious' (1946), and Humphrey Bogarts in 'Casablanca' (1942)? Thank you

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