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  1. A

    Please Help Me Date a Peacoat (that might be phony)

    Hello! My wife recently purchased a peacoat from a thrift store and while trying to date it, I came across this wonderful post about peacoat dating. The post also mentioned that peacoat phonies exist and the label of my wife's new purchase worryingly looks a lot like the example pictures...
  2. F

    Peacoat / Pea coat throat latch pattern

    Some time ago, I was looking for a pattern for the detachable throat latch that was a feature of Navy overcoats before & during WWII (including the enlisted peacoat & officer’s bridge coat). These were needed to keep the fold-down collar in the upright position during windy, cold, and rainy...
  3. M

    Questions About the United States Navy Peacoat

    Vintage Navy pea coat -- dating? Hi all, I recently purchased a vintage U.S Navy pea coat, and was curious about its age. Are there any resources that could help me figure this out? The coat's inner markings by themselves don't reveal much of anything. Any help is appreciated.
  4. yolo462140

    Where can I buy a 20-32oz overcoat in charcoal or brown?

    Preferably that isn't from Ebay or Etsy Looking for an overcoat in dark brown in 32oz pref. Thanks!
  5. Geekrobot

    FS: Phillip Lim Shawl Collar Camel Color Overcoat - Extra Small

    3.1 Phillip Lim Shawl Collar Camel color Wool Overcoat / Peacoat Size: US XS / EU 42 / 0 Color: Camel Condition: Gently used $400 OBO Amazing Philip Lim Overcoat I purchased in 2015. It is a unique nude tan / camel/ beige wool with a warm black cotton and wool shawl collar that you can fold...
  6. D

    Sterling Wear Authentic Pea Coat Size 36R (fits 38)

    Here's a great condition Pea Coat. I love the quality of these coats but I've unfortunately out grown this one. It' s a 36R, but can fit up to 38. $150 shipped.
  7. C

    WW2 Peacoat

    Hi Everyone. I found out about the existence of this forum from the amazingly well written vintage peacoat guide. My chest measurement is a 41 so I ordered a peacoat according to the guide that was 21.5 inches armpit to armpit. It fits really snug, but not uncomfortable. If for some reason I...
  8. W

    Ladies Wool Peacoats

    I want to be respectful to the women's forums and not post there, as I am a male, but I would like any insight on women's wool peacoat brands that are synchronous with high quality. Thanks for the input!
  9. S

    1962 American Navy Vintage Kersey Wool Peacoat 38R

    They don't make them like they used to. This classic American Navy vintage peacoat in a classic navy color with hard to find corduroy pockets features the much vaunted kersey wool which is very smooth and keeps you warm better than today's wool that is being used. If you know anything about...
  10. R

    My new (old) peacoat (date question)

    Hello, I have been reading posting to the Fedora Lounge about Peacoats for about 2 months now. I made an initial purchase of a 1978 Vi-Mil 38S last month. I was quite happy with the coat. It is near flawless in condition inside and out. Just... well, I had this gut feeling that it wasn't...
  11. R

    Can you help me identify a US Navy Issue Peacoat?

    I recently bought a US Navy Issue peacoat from a thrift shop in NY. It came dirty and requires some tailoring work, yet is one of the coolest coats I have ever seen. I have a slight issue though. In my religion we cannot wear wool and linen in the same garment. The special religious tester said...
  12. J

    New? 1970 Pembroke Navy Peacoat

    I was thrifting and purchased a peacoat I thought my brother would like. I looked up the label and it's a 1970 Kersey wool Navy Peacoat. This coat has no signs of wear at all, it even has "inspection" tags in the pocket. Were these coats "faked" or is it possible to find a vintage coat like...

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