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police jacket

  1. Observe

    Taylors Leatherwear Black Police Motorcycle Jacket Size 42/L $130 shipped CA/US

    This Taylors Leatherwear jacket is vintage and used by police. Badges are all removed. Please see photos for condition. Hole in front right pocket bag that can easily be repaired if you choose. Small holes and stitch holes from patches and badges throughout jacket. Leather is thick, supple and...
  2. semolina_pilchard

    Rare Block Bilt 1940s CHP/Police Jacket

    For your consideration is a rare 1940s CHP/Police jacket by Block Bilt. All original Talon zippers present (main, cuffs, pockets, inside pocket), and the main Talon sunrise zipper is dated at 1940. Nice original United Carr snaps as well. It has laces to tighten at the waist. Fur lining is...
  3. C

    Trade/Sell: ‘50s-‘60s Schott Police jacket

    Hello everyone! I have this beautiful jacket for sell, unfortunately it’s slightly large for me. Police jacket by Schott with first Dur-o-Jak label, late ‘50s or early ‘60s. I accept trades! Otherwise asking 450€ or best offer. Thanks for watching, Claudio
  4. jerome230

    WTB Sears Fieldmaster Jacket (42-44ish)

    Couple different versions of this jacket, I'm looking for this one: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNFJYvUaRl0Po_7Qk3ElE5HAgzn6gIohkQpqpRCzSMRNL-askGu2Iw9NNTMWF1KWg?key=YkJYa3ktc19yaWU3Mm1Jb1JGSE9rOU16dUVuRWxB I think there are a couple different labels for this same jacket, I think...

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