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size 46

  1. T

    Real McCoy’s A-2 in Seal Brown Horsehide NWOT - Size “46”, fits 42-44

    Selling this Real McCoy Leather jacket. Brand new, even has the new leather smell still. Please see IMGUR album for measurements, this model definitely runs small: Shoulders: 19 Sleeve Length: 25.5 Hem: 20 P2P: 22 Length: 24 (from shoulder to hem), 25.5 (collar to hem) Initial offer is...
  2. T

    Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Moto Jacket Loden Steerhide - Size 46

    For sale is a pre-owned TS x GB Moto Jacket in Loden Steerhide. In excellent condition, wear only noticeable on right forearm. Measurements are in the photo album; let me know if you have any questions. $600 shipped OBO PayPal F&F, references from Stitchdown Premium Discord available upon request.
  3. Camaro1967

    Freewheelers Brakeman Tatanka Brown Sz 46

    Here is an excellent car coat for your consideration by Freewheelers in a rare, hard to find, size. I picked this up from a fellow lounger a while back here and got some wear out of it, but eventually reached the point where I’m ready to move on since, like a lot of us on here, I found...
  4. Jejupe

    FS: Aero Grizzly cowhair panels sz 46

    For sale is my size 46 Aero Grizzly. It's made with Brown Horween CXL horsehide with cowhair panels and Alpaca lining. Usually these are made with mouton panels, so this is some what rare, and in my opnion cooler! All zips work, Slight signs of wear but still far from broken in. Please note...
  5. A

    Fine Creek Leather Leon Custom 2mm (sz.46, fits like 44)

    If you've clicked you probably know what you're looking at, but just in case: this is the custom 2mm hide version of the Leon from Fine Creek Leathers. It's a "cleaner" version than the standard with a heavier leather; no epaulettes (or cutoffs for that matter). A very fast fader, worn for...
  6. P

    WTS: Norshor Horsehide Half Belt 46

    Excellent condition norshor horsehide half belted jacket in size 46. I picked it up from Mark a couple months ago, it was one of his personal jackets with a couple months of use. I never got the chance to wear it because I kept putting on weight. Now with work stuff it has to go. I paid $750...
  7. Camaro1967

    WTB: Lost World's J-24

    Looking for the 4+oz stuff, ideally in a size 44 or 46. Maybe a 42 if the measurements work. Color is open. Prefer horsehide over other hides. Crown zippers would be nice. New or used doesn't matter. Whatcha got?
  8. A

    Rare Shirts: Nine Lives and Ironheart (sz 44-46)

    Ok folks time to let these go! Both shirts are super rare, sold out everywhere. ------- First up. Love, *love* the design of this 9Lives shirt, but since I've started hitting the chest at the gym over the past year, it's just too tight to look good on me. One of those you keep in the...
  9. VintageEveryday

    For All You Larger Sized Men..

    To any man who is a modern size 44-50L, have you had any luck finding any Golden Age sport coats or suits? They seem to be impossible to find. Largest I've seen has been a size 42S. Thoughts on the reasons?

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