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  1. D

    Leather Cafe Racer Sizing Question

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum and wanted to get some advice on sizing for a leather cafe racer I recently acquired. It's a Lucky Brand jacket and, while I know they're not high end by any means, I think it will suit my purposes for a comfortable fashion jacket (and, hey, it was free, so there's...
  2. GrandMack

    Fit of D-1 Jacket Aero vs Eastman

    Hi, Currently looking at buying either the Aero or Eastman D-1, especially tempted by the 'redskin' Aero version. Wondered how the brands compare in terms of fit? I like my Jackets to be on the short side and a bit boxy rather than long and slim, which companies version would suit my...
  3. born113

    Nicks boots - fit/sizing - How does the size compare with normal shoe size?

    Knowledgeable people share their experience of choosing the size of Nicks boots please. I am not able to go to the store for measurements. What sizes of Nicks correspond to what sizes of famous brands of shoes? Personally, I am most interested in the ratio of sizes to New...
  4. B

    first aero leather jacket. need help with fit and sizing!

    hello friends! this is my first post, although ive been reading a lot of posts here regarding leather jackets. i recently purchased one at thurston. i chose a stock aero boarder blackened brown. however, i am not sure if i need to return it and order a custom instead. i workout a bit and have...
  5. Grasp loo paper

    Help sizing Aero ANJ-4 15mm

    Dear Fellow members, As the title implies, I am currently in the process of ordering a custom ANJ-4 15mm redskin, vicenza seal trims. Despite talking with Aero and the help of their production team, they could not give me the confidence in the proper sizing to take. I am 168 cm - 5ft6 weight...
  6. Bahabp100

    Gail (RIP) from Schott: her thoughts on fit and custom jackets

    Was just reading this on the Schott forum and it seemed interesting enough to post here as well as a tribute to her: Our employees, most have worked for Schott about 20 years before the first Schott Retail store was opened, personally this is my 38th year. It is easy when you have an actual...
  7. ClassicGuy

    Long Oval Issues

    I'm a hat lover in general and a cap lover in particular, but I'm also, sadly, a rather severe long oval. During my baseball cap days, I wore a size 7 1/2, but that won't work for me with a flat cap, at least in the forehead, which always gives me problem. Anyone have any advice for serious long...
  8. cloudylemonade

    Explaining the Aero Fit.

    We've noticed some confusion about how Aero's fit, and people questioning why they wouldn't always be the same size in each style, why a size 42" for example will vary so much depending on the style. We've put together a little guide to help with this, hopefully this will be of help to some...
  9. jr30

    My new Aero 1930 Halfbelt FQHH

    Hi My name is Roman and I was reading a lot about Aero Jackets in this forum. It took a while to make my decision and yesterday I have got a brand new Aero 1930 Halfbelt in natural Front Quarter Horsehide bought from Thurston Bros. After a very nice dialog with Carrie at Thurston Bros I...
  10. Merv

    Real McCoy's J-100 (NZ vs. Japan)

    Hello, Does anyone out there know how the older "made in New Zealand" Real McCoy's J-100 jackets compare in fit to the newer "made in Japan" jackets? Do the NZ jackets run a bit larger? It seems like they do. I have my eye on a couple used jackets - but, indecisive about which size to get. Thanx!
  11. T

    Sizing of B-3 Shearlings, specifically Avirex

    Hi people, so I've been actively searching for a thick B-3 for over a year now. I've bought a total of 3 but none of them fit correct so I had to sell them all. I'm pretty desperate at this point as I don't want to spend more than 5-600 Dollars considering I come from Germany and have to pay tax...
  12. D

    Need help with Aero BR custom sizing!

    So I'm going through Thurston bros for a custom Aero BR order. I'm 6'1", 185lbs, and usually wear size 40R. Shoulder width of 18" on garments fits me PERFECTLY. So I got the fit jacket from Thurston which was a medium weight vicenza and the shoulder width was PERFECT, it was a 40R board...

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