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teacore leather jacket

  1. B

    WTS Flat Head 40 shinki hikaku

    WTS Flat Head single rider jacket in 40. I believe this is the discontinued version. chest 20inch length 26inch shoulders 18inch sleeve 23inch hem 18.5inch This jacket is brand new for $1600! Great discount if you want a beautiful horse skin jacket. breast size 40 sleeve. 1.3mm...
  2. K

    FS/Trade: Double Helix Tea Core Horsehide Cossack Jacket sz42.

    Double Helix Tea Core Horsehide Cossack Jacket sz42. Very beautiful horsehide on this jacket with amazing grains. This guy appear to have a softer horsehide than most that I have handled. Pretty light jacket fit for Summer. Since the leather on this one is tea core horsehide. It will slowly...
  3. P

    Double Helix Deviant Jacket

    For Sale - Double Helix leather jacket. Size 38. Bought in Aug’21. Looking for $1,400 USD (excludes any taxes/fees for international) and will entertain best offer. Gently Used Shoulders: 16.9 in. Chest: 20.5 in. Length: 23.5 in. Sleeves: 24.4 in. About (as written by Retailer): The Deviant...
  4. K

    FS: Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42

    Having this sweet Japanese Horsehide Teacore Cossack Jacket for sale!! Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42. The jacket is in a really good condition almost new. The leather is quite soft for horsehide and have amazing grains in my opinions. Great...
  5. Louisrost

    To sell: Lewis Leathers Cyclone Veg Cow leather Size 40

    Hi, I'm selling my Lewis Leathers size 40 (no custom) no patch! Tea core leather and inside pocket. I still have the receipt from the store, bought less than a month ago, the jacket is in perfect condition. I'm based between UK and France, happy to send it. £1180
  6. T

    Concern about Buco J-24 Sizing

    Hey guys, I am thinking of getting a Buco J-24. I am 180CM 80KG. My built is on muscular side. My measurements: - Chest (44') - Shoulders (19') - Sleeves (24.5) - Length (31) According to measure guide of RMC, I am suggested to get a 44. Can I really trust that? Because I don't get to try it...
  7. Van88

    The Real McCoy's Buco J-100 size 38** asking $1,200

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums and wished I spent a little more time on here before purchasing my grail... the salesman recommended this size (38) base on the measurement I gave him, saying it is similar to his measurements. We did not consider my shoulder and bicep are measure larger than...

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