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  1. AlexB

    Field Leathers Customized Manhattan / Classic J-24 Review

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted the last time, but I thought my latest leather jacket addition might be worth to be shared. Being a motorcyclists myself, I always had a soft-spot for the classic asymmetrical biker jacket. However, I never pulled the trigger on a D-pocket...
  2. M

    Will a teacore black Real McCoy's Buco J-24 turn completely brown over time?

    Can someone tell me if a black RMC J-24 will entirely change into brown over time or would it keep its original black color but only show brown in high wear areas?
  3. Marc mndt

    Mister Freedom Campus jacket review: A nice jacket with both design flaws and construction defects

    Mister Freedom Campus: A nice jacket with both design flaws and construction defects. The Mister Freedom Campus jacket doesn’t need much of an introduction as many loungers own or have owned one. Its design is inspired by 1930’s Cossack type jackets, which were unlined jackets with handwarmer...
  4. A

    FS: Sugar Cane SC80522 FQ Horsehide Sports Jacket (Half Belt) - $850 OBO

    Hello all, I have an awesome Sugar Cane half belt size 40 in a thick black teacore horsehide. I am selling because it doesn't get much wear, and I would like it to go to someone who will get good use out of the jacket. The lining is an olive wool lining with what I believe is cotton sleeves. The...
  5. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS - Thedi Flight Jacket (Brand New)

    Hello Everyone, I posted about this brown/teacore/vegetable-tanned cowhide jacket (Thedi model MTC-1279406) back in September when I first received it from Thurston Brothers, so some of you may have seen it then. This was my dream leather jacket, and I think it's absolutely beautiful, but...
  6. K

    FS: Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42

    Having this sweet Japanese Horsehide Teacore Cossack Jacket for sale!! Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42. The jacket is in a really good condition almost new. The leather is quite soft for horsehide and have amazing grains in my opinions. Great...
  7. K

    Clinch black over dye horsehide engineer boots.

    Hi, selling my pair of engineer boots. I bought these from standard and strange during their first run with these. They've been worn less than 15 times and in very good shape. It also comes with the original clinch box. It is on their CN wide last which allows a bit more width than their regular...
  8. Twism_23

    Aero Ridley Vincenza 44 Blackened Brown

    *****SOLD******** This is a great jacket but I’ve lost some weight and it’s too big for me. I was going to get it altered but figured I’d sell it and buy a new 42. This was purchased from Thurston Bros in December of 2020 so it’s 3 months old. This Vincenza Horse hide is awesome. I love this...

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