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the real mccoy

  1. Tca46

    Leather jacket fit check!

    Hi All, wanted to ask your opinion for a fit check. My current jacket which is the light brown McCoy J-100 is a size 40 and the black is a size medium from Shangrila- heritage and the dark brown is a large also from Shangrila heritage because they don’t have the black jacket in large. Which is a...
  2. Tca46

    FS: the Real McCoy vest MJ16144 Size 40, new.

    Hi All, I am selling this Real McCoy's Joe McCoy Wool Work Vest for 300USD. Shipping is 40 by sea and 60 by air. Tried it out when I was in the store and decided to purchase it however I already have a Canada goose vest that I wore daily so this just sits in my closet. More details can be...
  3. Tca46

    FS: the Real McCoy Lot S003J Size 40, new with tag.

    Hi All, I have a size 40 new the real McCoy denim jacket lot 003J for sale. Asking for 300 USD, shipping will be 40 USD by sea or 60 USD by air. Purchased in Japan and haven’t gotten around to wear it so decide it would be better off with someone who actually have time to wear it.
  4. Tca46

    FS - the Real McCoy Deer Vest

    Hi all, I’m looking to sell my size 38 barely worn deer skin vest or trade it for size 40 vest. Purchased in Tokyo a few years ago, worn 5 times but grew fat and couldn’t fit. Doesn’t have receipt but still have original bag. Item is in Taiwan, I’ll pay for standard shipping selling for $650...
  5. K

    FS: The Real McCoy Monkey Boots Horsehide size 9E

    The Real McCoy Monkey Boots Horsehide size 9E. This pair display a shade of purple. Nice woodsman heel, worn a few times for photoshoot. Come with original box these were retailed over $1000 and sold out for a long times now, no idea if TRC will make them again or not. I'm asking $750 +...
  6. K


    BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! ARMY OF HIGH-END FOOTWEAR Full Pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IGqZVRgaJePjiKxo3QDxRepZ9xfRP-LK?usp=sharing I will throw in a pairs of handmade custom kilties for anyone who buy too!! Just choose the style and color I will make and ship them together...
  7. R

    The Real Mccoy's Buco J-100 Cafe Racer - size 46

    Link for measurements/pics: https://www.grailed.com/listings/26236780-the-real-mccoy-s-buco-j-100-shinki-horsehide-leather-cafe-racer-jacket Hello, Catch and release Real Mccoy's Buco J-100 in a size 46. Bought it thinking it would fit but unfortunately it does not. Even though it is a size...
  8. L

    RMC - Steinbeck 30s Sports Jacket (Size 38)

    Ok, here’s a classic and rare RMC Steinbeck horsehide jacket well known to all here, great conditions, I would say 95% new, jacket is now in Hong Kong and asking price is only USD1,500. Pls contact if interested cheers.
  9. BotanPhotography

    Buzz Rickson or Real Mccoys

    Hey guys, me again. So aside from an A2, I was looking into pea coats. I wore pea coats growing up in NY, and I always loved it. I was wondering what the biggest differences (if any) are there between Buzz Ricksons Peacoat and the Real McCoys Peacoats (both WWII models). I seem to be able to...

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