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  1. H

    FS: Aero Half Belt Deluxe Steerhide Size 46

    For Sale: Aero Half Belt Deluxe Steerhide Size 46 Please see measurement pictures posted below. 450$ + Shipping to USA Only. Payment via Paypal Friends & Family or Venmo.
  2. semolina_pilchard

    FS: Seattle Woolen Leather Half Belt Jacket

    Selling the beautiful half belt by Seattle Woolen Co. It's in great vintage condition. I bought it from Fake Alpha in Japan. The hide is in great shape. Original Talon zipper is present and works without fault. The pocket linings are all intact. No smells. Looking for $1500 including delivery...
  3. semolina_pilchard

    FS: Vintage California Sportswear Shawl Collar Leather Jacket Size 40

    Selling this shawl-collared leather jacket by California Sportswear, in size 40. See photos for actual measurements. It appears to have barely been worn and is in great condition. It's quite lightweight with a thin lining, so is a good option for summer/warmer days. Price is $250 including...
  4. G


    Hello all! I am new and I appreciate being approved for the lounge. I have tried to do some research on these forums and internet to find information on my grandfathers hat but there are a couple marks/logos/etc. that I can't find anywhere else on the internet to try and date. I don't see...
  5. R

    Dating a vintage McGregor Coat

    Just ordered this McGregor Raincoat online, I wasnt able to request a clearer image of the label so I looked up a similar one online. Since the package has not yet arrived, I havent checked it for union labels. Can anyone help me date this coat and maybe guess the material? Thank you everyone!
  6. J

    I thrifted a vintage Borsalino….

    Hi! I found a vintage Borsalino hat in a thrift store that caught my eye. Not knowing anything about it, I bought it. It had too much character. I could tell it was old, but it was in like new condition. Can anyone tell me anything about it, including what it might sell for? I think it’s from...
  7. P

    Age range of this Bailey?

    I stumbled upon this Bailey hat online and it called to me enough to take a chance. It's well-loved, dirty, and has some small stains, which are features, not bugs, as far as I'm concerned. It was $25, as well, which was also a feature. It's a bit big, but some foam fixed that. Does anyone know...
  8. F

    Vintage 1970s Schott Country Rancher Western Coat sz 46

    Hi TFL, Selling this awesome 1974 Schott Rancher western coat size 46. Asking 400 shipped CONUS (F&F). I believe this color is called Tobacco. The coat is in great condition. I don’t see any major discoloration or holes/rips. Coat has been stored properly for years. Measurements: P2P 25 Bottom...
  9. otiwito

    Vintage Sears Hercules Horsehide Belted Jacket 42

    Here’s a vintage Sears Hercules Horsehide in great vintage condition. Some wear on the collar but other than that, overall great condition. $350 shipped. Measurements: Chest: 22in Shoulders: 17.5in Arm length: 23in Body: 30in
  10. otiwito

    Vintage British/Canadian Brown Horsehide Half Belt 42/44

    Purchased here maybe 6 months ago, can't remember. It needs a repair on the cuff and I never got around to taking care of it cause it didn't fit well. Here's the previous post: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/vintage-british-canadian-brown-hh-half-belt-size-42-44.111576/
  11. alpine1

    For Sale: Harley Davidson Leather Sportster Cafe Racer Jacket

    Hey, this is my first post. Selling a Harley Davidson Leather Sportster Cafe Racer Jacket on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/225842987271 Feel free to put in an offer. I'm willing to accept less than is posted. Please message me if you have any questions about the jacket Jacket...
  12. T

    FS: 1960s Cal Leather Horsehide CHP Motorcycle Jacket - Size 38ish w/Great Patina

    Here is a fantastic Cal Leather, horsehide, angle zip, motorcycle jacket in a smaller size (38ish I think). I just bought it but unfortunately it doesn't quite fit; I had this exact model for many years and foolishly sold it. This jacket has a fantastic distressed patina; perhaps the best I've...
  13. S

    Chest size vs Jacket size?

    Hello all. Trying to determine which leather motorcycle jacket size to get if my chest measures about a 37. Do I get a 38 or a 40? Wanting to get a true vintage ‘50s made leather motorcycle jacket and want to have the fit that they had back then as well. Any suggestions on what the pit to pit...
  14. S

    Looking for size 38 1950’s leather jacket

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  15. S

    Looking for Size 38 ‘50s Leather Motorcycle jacket!

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  16. E

    Help me to identify the decade (and type) of an old suit

    Hello, some months ago I was in a flea market in my city Barcelona, and found this nice suit. I'm getting into vintage style, but I don't know a lot yet about suits, so if anyone can help me to identify when this suit could have been made and which type is it, I would appreciate it. I searched...
  17. reaganmullins

    Vintage Steerhide Buco J-24

    I spent some time away from home for the 4th of July weekend and ended up picking up another J-24! This one came from the original owner’s grandson. His grandfather bought the jacket new, wore it many years while riding, and passed it on to his son when the jacket no longer fit. His son was a...
  18. B

    Role Club Black Horsebutt Engineer Boots (Size 28.0cm / 10 US) | $1,950.00

    Hello all, I am putting up my Role Clubs for sale. $1,950.00 + Shipping I waited 2 years for these boots. Luckily for you friend the wait is much shorter. Hand made to measure in Los Angeles, CA. The only hand welted made in USA Engineer Grail Boot. Specs: Black Horween Horsebutt Flat...
  19. A

    The Real McCoys M65 Field Jacket

    Hello, This is a jacket I don't really wear and it's just hanging in my closet. This is the M65 coat, coldweather, man's field jacket from The Real McCoys. It's a really nice piece through and through. Has the shoulder epaulets the inner liner buttons the talon zippered collar with hidden...
  20. reaganmullins

    Vintage Horsehide Buco J-24

    Hey, everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been scouring the forum for quite some time. I recently acquired this Buco jacket from the original owner’s daughter and was just curious as to what the current value would be? I want to be sure I paid her fairly. It has the original belt...

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