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  1. S

    Chest size vs Jacket size?

    Hello all. Trying to determine which leather motorcycle jacket size to get if my chest measures about a 37. Do I get a 38 or a 40? Wanting to get a true vintage ‘50s made leather motorcycle jacket and want to have the fit that they had back then as well. Any suggestions on what the pit to pit...
  2. S

    Looking for size 38 1950’s leather jacket

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  3. S

    Looking for Size 38 ‘50s Leather Motorcycle jacket!

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  4. E

    Help me to identify the decade (and type) of an old suit

    Hello, some months ago I was in a flea market in my city Barcelona, and found this nice suit. I'm getting into vintage style, but I don't know a lot yet about suits, so if anyone can help me to identify when this suit could have been made and which type is it, I would appreciate it. I searched...
  5. reaganmullins

    Vintage Steerhide Buco J-24

    I spent some time away from home for the 4th of July weekend and ended up picking up another J-24! This one came from the original owner’s grandson. His grandfather bought the jacket new, wore it many years while riding, and passed it on to his son when the jacket no longer fit. His son was a...
  6. B

    Role Club Black Horsebutt Engineer Boots (Size 28.0cm / 10 US) | $1,950.00

    Hello all, I am putting up my Role Clubs for sale. $1,950.00 + Shipping I waited 2 years for these boots. Luckily for you friend the wait is much shorter. Hand made to measure in Los Angeles, CA. The only hand welted made in USA Engineer Grail Boot. Specs: Black Horween Horsebutt Flat...
  7. A

    The Real McCoys M65 Field Jacket

    Hello, This is a jacket I don't really wear and it's just hanging in my closet. This is the M65 coat, coldweather, man's field jacket from The Real McCoys. It's a really nice piece through and through. Has the shoulder epaulets the inner liner buttons the talon zippered collar with hidden...
  8. reaganmullins

    Vintage Horsehide Buco J-24

    Hey, everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been scouring the forum for quite some time. I recently acquired this Buco jacket from the original owner’s daughter and was just curious as to what the current value would be? I want to be sure I paid her fairly. It has the original belt...
  9. A

    OOE Yofukuten denim trousers

    Hello all, Selling two pairs of Yofukuten as they don't really fit anymore. OOE x Barnstormer Gotemba OA-1927 Cone Mills -Waist: 34'' -Front rise: 12.25" (from crotch seam intersection to top of waist band) -Knee: 10'' -Hem: 9.5'' -Inseam: 30'' (from crotch seam to hem) BIN: $210 + shipping...
  10. S

    For Sale: Stetson Mercury Saddle 7 1/2

    Hey y’all, new member, long time lurker lol. I’m looking to finally part ways with some of my hats. I’ve got a Royal Stetson Mercury size 7/12 in Saddle color on my eBay right now. Asking $299.99 but open to offers. You can find me at sandaroland on EBay.
  11. steur

    SOLD Barbisio Rex lords hat in black size 60 (7 1/2)

    Barbisio Rex lords hat in black. Size 60 with the raw edge brim at 5cm and the crown at 11,5cm at the center dent. Fairly sure this is a beaver felt, even though it doesn't say so on the hat. The hand and the way it shapes and the smell of it when steaming all says beaver to me. It does have a...
  12. steur

    FS Stra Barbisio homburg in brown size 60 ( 7 1/2)

    Stra Barbisio extra lusso homburg in brown. Size 60 with the generous brim at 6,5cm and the crown 12 or 13cm high. I left it open crown because it could well work as an open crown hat as well. Asking $ 150 shipping included Paypal only
  13. steur

    FS Barbisio Classic fedora in black size 59 (7 3/8)

    Barbisio Classic in black. Size 59 (from the measurements) with the raw edge brim at 6cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. This one would work as a brim up hat as well, but for now it's a fedora. Barbisio is about as good as they come and they could give Borsalino (or anyone else) a run...
  14. A

    Men Swimwear

    Hi there! I'm Adri and I'm new to the forum, so here is my first post. I was searching for some nice swimwear for this summer, but it's kinda hard to find any nice stuff with vintage touch. I was thinking in something more 50s-60s but I just found the Orlebar Brown collection they did inspired...
  15. V

    Help me date this MA-1 jacket please!

    Hello! I am in need of help from all the MA-1 experts in this forum. I have tried to figure out the date of this piece myself but my limited knowledge can only get me so far. This is a repro right? I appreciate all the help I can get :) please tell me if I need to attach more photos!
  16. K

    Schott Perfecto ID

    Hey Schott experts, I scored this vintage Perfecto which I think dates from the early 70’s judging by the label. I can’t find the model number, there’s no label in the chest zipper pocket. Anyone know what it is?
  17. A

    Belstaff vintage Panther 1966 leather jacket

    Belstaff Panther 1966. Size Medium leather jacket. Made in Italy. I got this years back and have worn it a few times but as much as I would like it to fit, it’s just a wee bit snug on me. I am 6f tall and 185 lbs. Someone a bit shorter and slimmer would fit this perfect. Its in excellent...
  18. Mr. Bonez

    FOR SALE - Vintage Royal Stetson 7 1/2

    $300 shipped or best offer (US only) Excellent Condition Vintage Royal Stetson Size 7 1/2 Any questions please inbox me Thanks
  19. I

    Vintage evening waistcoats for white tie in London

    I’ve a ball this summer, and have been looking for white tie. I’m rather small (approximately 26–8 in waist unless I have a porterhouse or something to myself) which poses something of a difficulty. So far, I’ve found a coat and even trousers of sufficiently high rise; I’ve a bow tie for subfusc...
  20. K

    Help ID my new leather!

    I picked up this awesome jacket today for a great price. I’m wondering if anyone out there can help me identify the era/year, country of manufacture and can maybe decipher the label that’s barely readable. I’m in Perth Australia if that helps but the jacket could be from the Uk or the US.

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