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    Ship John Wills in Black Denim Selvedge sz M Like New

    Was so excited I was able to snag one of these when it dropped but the sizing just isn't right for me. I've worn it once to my office to try and convince myself it fits but here we are. I used my steamer to get out any wrinkles or creases I would have caused doing that. Still incredibly stiff...
  2. P

    FSOT New Ship John Wills V2 Large

    This size large ship John wills V2 is unfortunately a bit too small. I’m willing to trade this for a size XL wills. Also open to offers if you’d like to purchase it outright. Thanks Images:
  3. P

    NEW Ship John Denim Wills Large

    Up for sale is this awesome Ship John denim wills jacket. Size large. Brand new never worn. Price: $750 OBO Please let me know if you have any questions. Images:
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    Ship John Medium Wills V1

    Hello all, selling this essentially new ship John wills in size medium. Ship John Wills Medium Price: $750 I’ve included measurements in the photos. Please let me know if you have any questions. Images:
  5. P

    WTB Ship John Wills Large or XL

    Shoot me a message if you’ve got one! Thanks
  6. P

    Ship John Sale XL and Large

    Hi Guys, Looking to move out a fair number of Ship John items here. Open to discounting if you buy multiple items. The measurements are included in the image albums. Let me know which ones interest you. SOLD: Black Wills, Large, $500: https://imgur.com/a/utOrdfj Denim Wills, Large, $500...
  7. P

    FS: New Ship John Waxed Townes Shirt XL

    Up for sale is this new waxed ship john shirt, size XL. Ship John Waxed Townes Shirt Size: XL Price: $175 OBO (these retail for $250) Images: https://imgur.com/a/1NNYPav
  8. P

    Ship John Wills Black Large

    Up for sale is this incredibly well made Ship John Wills jacket. Ship John Wills Color: Black Size: Large Price: $550 OBO Images: https://imgur.com/a/utOrdfj
  9. P

    Ultra Rare Ship John Natural Wills (12 were made) Size: Large

    Hi Everyone, Up for sale is a brand new natural Ship John Wills jacket. Only 12 of these jackets have been made. I am selling this because it doesn't fit the person I bought it for. Ship John NEW Wills Natural Size: Large Images: https://imgur.com/a/KNNRDA9 Price: $750 OBO
  10. P

    FSOT: Ship John Wills Black Size: Large

    Hey everyone, Putting out the feelers on this: Up for sale or trade is a size large black ship john wills. The jacket is essentially brand new. Ship John Black Wills Large Photos will be uploaded shortly. Thanks
  11. P

    FSOT Ship John x Langlitz Leather Vegetable Tanned Wills Large

    I purchased this jacket from a fellow forum member, and have since decided it's not exactly for me. I spent a long long time finding this jacket, and it's likely the last of it's kind in this condition, but the time has come to sell or trade it. It looks like it has been worn 1 or 2 times max...
  12. P

    FSOT: Ship John Shirts, and Denim Jacket, Size: Large

    Open to selling these or trading them. I also have some other items that I will be posting in different posts (ship john veg tanned wills large, and an iron heart large shirt). Open to new workwear items, or good art hlywd items. Or Alden shoes in size 10/10.5. Thanks! New, Ship John, Ramblin'...
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    FSOT Ship John x Langlitz Leather Vegetable Tanned Wills NEW Medium

    I bought this about a week ago thinking that it might fit. Sadly, it's too small (deep down I knew this was probably going to be the outcome). In any case, I now have this medium veg tanned wills jacket for sale or trade. Ideally, I would like to trade this for a size large or potentially even...
  14. D

    Ship John Wills Jacket - Medium / Long , Black waxed canvas

    Hey folks, up for auction is a a really cool jacket that is just a bit small for me, leading me to put it up for sale after wearing it for sizing just a few times. Smoke free home. Purchased in June (after trying but failing for months), delivered to me couple months later. #(200) 628...
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    Buying Ship John jacket (and other Ship John clothing)

    Hi all, I have been in the market for quite some time looking for a Langlitz x Ship John Veg Tan Leather Wills Jacket If you have one in size L, please let me know (Note: I am also interested in other ship john products in size Large... so if you have those too, let me know) Thanks!
  16. Fowler

    Ship John Wills - Size L

    FOR SALE - Ship John Wills jacket. Waxed Tan. Size- Large/ Long #421 This highly sought after, tough to get jacket is up for sale. You can skip the line and get this like new jacket. I've worn a few times over about 2 weeks and decided it's just too heavy for me in my southern NC climate, not...

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