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1960s Peters Bros Shady Oaks Bankers Special 100 Conversion

Bill Hughes

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North Texas
Peters Bros Shady Oaks Bankers Special 100 conversion

I sent this hat to Art Fawcett to be cleaned and re-blocked. The sweatband was replaced because it was starting to crackle. I went to Peters Bros and bought a nice lamb sweatband so it would still have the Peters Bros logo. I kept the original sweatband and will ship with the hat. It could be reinstalled if so desired. The felt is in great condition but does have one small spot on the top of the brim by the ribbon.
  • Felt: 100% beaver from Switzerland. When the US banned the felting process that used Mercury Switzerland continued with the old process for years. Tom Peters purchased hoods from Switzerland and noted it on the sweatband.
  • Size: I’m between a 7 1/8 and 7 1/4 and this fits me fine. The original tag was 7 1/4 but the label behind the sweatband is 7 1/8.
  • Crown: 5” front, 4 1/4” back
  • Brim 2 3/4”
  • Ribbon: 1 1/2” forrest green with a tan accent
Price: $240 shipped CONUS

46E325CB-EB75-4D2F-BFA3-4AB8A69EC71F.jpeg 2CDE07F1-4ACD-48B5-8533-64AFACE66681.jpeg 0396FCAF-EF36-4EF5-ACC8-D72C7F5BF24F.jpeg 7C2037A8-D3E8-4A7F-8CE3-E96D214E0CB6.jpeg D01D7E42-21B6-464D-A672-5B420C00C10C.jpeg 9ACCBE54-E810-45A9-9744-B813343167D7.jpeg EB63D41E-653E-4800-A464-2A3699624B37.jpeg D2A776EA-7C37-44C2-B709-EB512179D9AB.jpeg E930D54F-6815-47B8-A46B-419F1772A0E6.jpeg F6C3303C-C9E4-4F7A-AFF5-D7FAFF5B1D17.jpeg

vincent stuart

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vancouver bc canada
Bill great fedora I just purchased a great Mallory on this site and a Mallory Dallas both late 40 s early 50 s items Do you have any buyers yet. I am in the state of unloading some fedoras as well

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