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5th ENG Special Brigade Signal Corp Photog


South of Nashville
Better late than never; fingers crossed this works. I'm Chris' sister and I stumbled upon this post yesterday. Here's my grandfather George's obituary. He spent the last few months of his life in hospice and finally started telling stories about his time in the Signal Corps. We always knew what he did and we'd look at the photos he brought home, but he didn't really talk about it until the end. He joked about how grossly unprepared they were for any type of battle- with all of the camera equipment, they only carried a small sidearm. He told us about how hard it was to get into London during the war for color photo development, so he only did it once and then stuck to B/W. (He was oddly descriptive about the fog in London, and it's funny that 20 years later I can still hear him going on about it.) He was an amazing man and our family was lucky to have as much time with him as we did. If you ever see this, and the offer still stands, we'd be eternally grateful. Google and the obituary should confirm everything, but we can always provide more proof. Half of the family has since moved, but the PSU part of my brother's user name should help make it all make sense.

I'll keep checking back here, but I can also be reached at michelle.amy.mckeon@gmail.com

Peterz was only on this site for 8 days. He hasn't logged in since June, 2021, shortly after he made the post.

PSU Chris

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Thank you, Michelle, for reminding me over the weekend about this post! I never got the messages, I imagine my work email filtered them out as spam. I've also sent a message to PeterV in hopes that he'll get something in his email, but it doesn't sound promising.

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