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A-2 Jacket: Unknown Maker, size 42, great shape


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This is an odd jacket. I don't know who made it since it is missing the tag, although there is a size 42 tag in the lower part of the liner. Several people have commented that it is an early Aero Flight, Mfg. jacket when AreoLeather was having jackets made overseas.

The jacket is extremely heavy goatskin, like Lost Worlds heavy. The epaulets are correctly sewn of two pieces of leather, the side seam faces the "correct" direction, it has a collar stand, the collar clip is chrome, but riveted with brass for some odd reason. It has Scoville snaps and a brass Talon straight pull zipper. The pockets are Dubow large. The oddest thing about the jacket is that the liner is nylon, not cotton. Clearly it is a repro and not a perfectly executed one from an accuracy standpoint, but the jacket is built as well as the L.W. Dubow. I don't know if Stuart ever contracted out to someone, but the similarites are there.

I have had this jacket for at least 15-20 years, and at one point, I replaced the cuffs and waistband with these berry colored ones to emulate the early Aero 18775 jacket.

The jacket is in overall very good shape--leather is fantastic with the only real flaw to the finish being the wear area on the sleeve that has been colored in with a shade darker.

It is a great starter jacket and looks reasonably accurate at 20 feet. It is a great jacket to wear. If you have an art project and don't want to take the risk on a $700 jacket, this would be a great one to experiment on.

The jacket is tagged as a size 42 but fits a little larger, probably a modern 42 and it is slightly larger than my Platon 44.

For reference, I an 5'8", 180 lbs and wear a 16"x33" dress shirt. It fits me nearly perfectly.

Pit to Pit 22 1/2 inches
Shoulder to end of Cuff (along curve) 25 inches
Center of Collar Stand to Bottom of Waistband 25 inches
Shoulders 18 1/2 inches
Wind flap 22 inches

$135 shipped. Shipping within the US will be via USPS Priority Mail, International shipping will also be via USPS Priority Mail for the exact cost.

Payment via PayPal--thanks!



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Back on the market—too short for my 6’2” frame and I should have known.

I want to post this reusing Juanito’s excellent photos—is it okay to just continue the same thread or should I copy and paste into a new thread? Please advise.

Selling for the same price—$135. Great jacket and I really wish it fit.

Thanks—message me if interested.


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