Aero 30's half belt size 38

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Angel, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Angel

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    Now it's time to let it go...
    A beautiful 30's half belt in brown Fqhh.
    It's a very nice colour, red undertones in the sun.
    I'm the second owner, got it nearly new, now it's broken in but still in good condition.
    Horsehide label comes extra, can be stiched back on to the liner.

    20201107_124739.jpg 20201107_124712.jpg 20201107_125900_resized_1.jpg 20201107_125608_resized.jpg 20201107_125751_resized.jpg 20181118_141218.jpg .
    Would keep it, but there's a chance for something new and I've promised myself to keep the number of jackets under control.

    Feel free to ask if you have questions!
    For 500 Euro plus shipping from Austria.

    P2P: 21.5
    Sleeve: 24/25
    Back: 24
    Shoulders: 17.5
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  2. Angel

    Angel New in Town


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