Aero Highwayman Premier, Vicenza $249!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Powerband, Dec 5, 2020.

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    This Aero Highwayman Premier Range is made with the Italian veg-tan front-quarter Horsehide, Vicenza — incredibly soft hand yet tough. The blackened brown is showing through in some areas and will look gorgeous after several more seasons, worthy of being featured in “classic leather jackets” galleries.

    It is labeled size 40 but Aero’s strange sizing system means it’s always best to look at actual measurements. Below are careful measurements I just made, with jacket laid flat:

    Chest: 21.5
    Shoulders: 17.25
    Back Length: 22.75
    Sleeves: 22.5
    Bottom Sweep: 19

    If the dimensions fit you, grab this Aero Highwayman Premier for an extremely low price. It’s in great condition that’s already partially and respectfully broken-in (still has ways to go!), with the beautiful Scotland Lochcarron lining in excellent condition, finished with brass Talon hardwares that are functioning perfectly. Ready to wear for decades.

    Paypal $249 and I’ll send it right over in a secure and water-proofed package, USPS Priority.










    I have successfully sold many jackets here, almost always underpriced! Please message me here or you can email me at:

    PS. My wife cannot believe that, out of all the jackets I have, this is the one I’m moving forward, because she said it’s the one jacket that makes me look tough without it being contrived. It really is a badass yet approachable jacket.
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    New York
    I think Aero did a great job designing the back and sleeves so that the yoke line continues into the rear sleeve seams. Joining lines to create visual continuity is always hard
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  3. Powerband

    Powerband Practically Family

    Thank you to all of you who contacted me about this jacket. It was sold to the first taker. Stay well!

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