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Aero Hooch Hauler - Brown CXL FQHH - 2 month review


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I've had exactly same situation with customs when I ordered last year from Aero to Poland. I knew about "Goods manufactured in the UK are exempt from customs duty in the EU countries." case but DHL added duty to my order. I've contacted DHL and they said it was accounted because there was no 'certificate of origin' attached to the package. I've called Aero and they emailed me the certificate, I then forwarded it to DHL and they cancelled the duty. Maybe they lost it somewhere but if I didn't know about that case I would overpay a lot.


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They take the price+shipping and add 12% customs on top of that. And then add another 20% on top of that.
This is standard in the EU. There are lists in which it is broken down exactly which goods coming from where cause how much customs duty. Customs duty is always calculated including shipping costs.
There is a trade agreement with the UK that no additional duty is levied on certain goods that meet certain conditions. I believe this applies to goods that are partly made from EU material.
It's all annoying, but correct.


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There is a trade agreement with the UK that no additional duty is levied on certain goods that meet certain conditions. I believe this applies to goods that are partly made from EU material.
The only requirement for customs duty exemption is that the goods must be manufactured in the UK:

"When are goods duty-free?​

Payment of customs duty is not required when the goods are manufactured in the UK (originating product) and are sent from the UK. However, value added tax must be paid for the goods.

How do I prove that the goods originate in the UK?​

You must have an invoice from the seller that contains a statement on origin made out using a standard text."


These are EU-wide rules.

This is another matter, but you can also apply for a FULL tax refund from your local tax authorities in the EU if you return the goods to the UK. It takes time and it is not that easy, but it can be done.
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Great jacket and one of the most thorough reviews I've come across. An enjoyable read, thank you.

And an admirable philosophy regarding sticking to one item. Personally I've found that to be a real challenge, regardless of the type of item in question, wether it's leather jackets, boots, denim or guitars :)
I think the key, as you point out, is to realize that nothing will ever be 100% perfect.
(Time for me to sell some things I think, and stick to what is as close to 100% as I'm likely to ever find).


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Also (for reference) the 1st version or initial jacket that was later remade ( I like the color more, but it can also be related to lighting):

View attachment 562361

View attachment 562362
What an amazing detailed review. Loved reading this one. It's clear you have a real love for leather jackets now and it shows. I think this leather is amazing and the detail on this jacket is awesome.

Great to read your story and a great fit on this jacket. Keep em coming!


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I read your leather jacket travelogue with interest. There was a lot of trial.
I'm so glad to see the final success your story. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Your last jacket is really nice. I hope you wear it for a long time.
I also remember spending so much money on the perfect leather jacket.
The final goal was the customized jacket of the aero leather after all.


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Bend, Oregon, USA,
Great review, gorgeous jacket and it looks great on you. I can only imagine what it will look like in 25 years!

Perhaps I missed the detail, but did Aero send you a jacket to try on beforehand and make adjustments before final order?


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Awesome fit and great looking jacket!
As I was reading the dimensions of the jacket, I was extremely surprised because the jacket would just fit me perfect as is! LOL.


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Thanks! You only get a try-on/fit jacket if you go through Thurston bros. If you buy directly from Aero (like I did) you just get a jacket and maybe an exchange/remake if it does not work out once you get it.

Thank you! Before I bought mine I saw one member posting the dimensions of his stock Hooch Hauler in size 36, which gave me hope that mine would turn out great as well:
Shoulder 43cm
Chest 49cm
Arm length 61cm
Length 60cm
Hem: 46cm
I specifically requested the waist and bottom hem tapered to ~43cm which was the cherry on top in terms of adherence to my body dimensions.
Now I would add a cm or two to sleeves and body ideally, but I'm happy as is.

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