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Aero Motorcycle Jacket -- Some Questions


New in Town
UPDATE: The jacket has softened up a lot. I think it was so stiff because I had it hanging in my mud room, which has been quite cold. So, now it's still very heavy but much more pliable. Still doesn't photograph well; I'll try natural light tomorrow.

Hi all, I bought an Aero side zip motorcycle jacket (that model, "Motorcycle Jacket") from an ebay seller. Horsehide, the old label (with no "Made in Scotland", just the racing bike and car and the plane.). Seller listed it as "C" condition, with damages. Indeed, in the photos it looked worn, with some mottling, even drying and cracking on the upper back. I thought I was massively overpaying for a worn-in jacket.

When I got it I realized it didn't photograph well. In fact it's not broken in, and the mottled look is because it is a pull up leather (maybe, probably chromexel). It is the heaviest jacket I've owned, and I've owned horsehide, vintage Schott, Vanson etc. I mostly buy vintage because I need the early-to-mid century fit, with shorter arms and whatnot. This is about the thickest leather I've had

Anyway, this jacket is very heavy, very stiff. For some reason, despite being a pull up leather, someone conditioned it with Obenauf's or similar, so it has "that smell". My questions:

-- When did Aero change to the new label? I've only seen this label on their site, in the Pre Owned section, and only then on old looking jackets. Is there any easy way of dating it? btw, the lining is the Donegal Tweed.

Label and Lining exactly like this one (except the second label says "Genuine Front Quarter Horsehide", followed by a small label with Made in Britain:


Sorry, I can't get a good pic. I'll try in sunlight. With flash it just looks wrong.

-- Also, how long does it take to break in this leather? It's insanely stiff. Beautiful, but stiff. Have any of you treated yours in some way?

-- What has been your experience with this model? It's boxy, with a lot of taper. very old fashioned style. Not bad, necessarily.
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Canuck Panda

I'll Lock Up
There should be a small white label inside one of the hand pockets, it will say who is the machinist and date.


New in Town
There should be a small white label inside one of the hand pockets, it will say who is the machinist and date.

Thanks. I can't find anything like that. I took some close up/detail pics. There is some corrosion on the metal. I haven't had Talons quite like this one before. Headscratcher.


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