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    St. Louis, MO
    Oh, I'm so sorry! I do like your name, though, Thankful, and I hope you have lots of wonderful and beautiful things in your life to help make up for at least some of the challenges.

    I wish you all the very, very, very best and am keeping you in my thoughts. You seem quite brave.

    I like your portrait, too. You look lovely.
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  2. MarieAnne

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    ThankfulGirl—I can't imagine; that is truly heartbreaking. Are there any treatments that can restore your eyesight? My heart goes out to you.
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    Alberta, Canada
    That's just awful. I write and embroider myself, and have a family history of bad glaucoma. I'm terrified of losing my sight.

    Has your Doctor given you any treatment options? I imagine dry eyes due to rosacea can't just be treated with eye drops.
  4. MarieAnne

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    When the guy broke in...and the husband accused me of having an affair. Found out in February, HE was in fact having an affair. It had been going on for several months. She was my friend. By March, I was tested for STDs, changed my last name back, and applied to
    the Air Force. Wrote the CFAT in April, went to aircrew selection in late May and qualified for Air Combat Systems Officers. Our daughter, and families still have no idea
  5. MissNathalieVintage

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    Update 3:
    At this present time I transferred out of my last department new department. I learned the manager was planning on having me suspended. From the union reps who had their last meeting in May 2019, and are still trying to get at least half of my suspended pay checks back. And I later learned the manager she called my old department and talked to my old boss who told her bad things about me. This way my old boss can still keep having me harassed even though my ex-boss is no longer doing the harassing.

    Thankfully the union reps came to me after the meeting and said they needed to have a long talk with me about what happened at the meeting. And to hear my side of the story before jumping to any conclusions. Yet the guys were still siding with what the manager said about me only because my ex-boss put tons of false information into my work file. Thankfully my union rep (who I worked with in the past and believes me) talked to the guys.

    And I later learned one of the union guy reps use to work with the manager and knows the manager likes to start trouble. And he kept telling me I should transfer and work in the basement which requires hard labor and I am not built for hard labor. I kept telling him no.

    So what ended up happening is instead of me getting suspended for no reason, I was sent to another department to help out for a couple of months. Praise the lord!

    I also told this to the head of the union and she told me to put in a transfer but to another less labor intensive department. Which I did, a couple of months ago the transfer went through. Once I told the department manager of the department I was helping out at I was leaving her, she was sad I was leaving much sooner then I was. She liked me so much she wanted to keep me, I did not stay and am currently in my new department, so far so good.

    Also my landlord refuses to meet with me unless it is on the fly and he will not let me explain why I was not paying the full amount of the rent. So what he has decided to do (we talked about this over the phone and Email), is to forgive the rent debt as long as I move out in 3 months, this was back in May 2019.

    I agreeded to this only to learn I can not rent an apartment unless I have a credit history or a cosigner, I have none of this. My brother said he'd cosign but he has bad credit. And my sister does not have a credit history either, and she works as a live in maid.

    I've asked friends and they do not want to be my cosigner, I do not blame them since I am considered a risk, do to my work suspensions. And most of my friends are married, and my single friends are not willing to let me stay with them. I'm ok with this because I've lived alone for so many years it would not feel right to me, plus none of them have offered.

    Gone are the days where all one needed to rent an apartment is a job and references. I've been living in my apartment for the last 17 years.

    I recently rented a storage unit. And have had a P.O. box address for years. And I signed up for a secured credit card to start building up a credit history. I've paid off every thing using a pre-paid card and money orders.

    And I recently became a local house/cat sitter. This way I can live in the homes of the people I cat sit for or house sit for, for a free place to stay for short stay(s) or longer stays depending where the need is the greatest.

    And on the days where there are no cat sitting or house sitting jobs I can stay at a hostel. This will work out since I can use my secured card to pay off my hotel stays. And I've stayed at a Hostel before and they are a lot more nicer these days. And my first apartment was a tenement, I lived in that tenement apartment for 3 years.

    I never ever thought at 44 years of age I'd end up nearly homeless. Thank God I use to be a cat parent (25 years of experience) and I am certified in pet CPR. I know everything will work out for the greater good.

    I need to move by September 15th.
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    Philadelphia USA
    Sorry to hear that. Have you thought of trying a GoFundMe or similar crowdsourcing website to help? Maybe look for a room in a share instead of hotels/hostels? That way, you'll have a home base to work from and a good address for mail/employer, etc.
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