*ALL SOLD*: Braces/Suspenders -- Trafalgar, Polo RL, Cole Haan, Dooney & Bourke!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AlanC, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. AlanC

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    Heart of America
    I need to clear out some braces as I keep adding them at an alarming rate. These are all used but are in good to great overall shape, wearable for years to come. Sold 'as-is'.

    I apologize for the pictures, but I believe that braces are the hardest thing possible to photograph well.

    Price: $15/each pair or $25 for two pairs delivered CONUS, Paypal Personal

    SOLD (1) Trafalgar
    Burgundy with burgundy tabs

    (2) Unmarked other than "Made in England" on the adjusters
    Burgundy with black tabs

    SOLD (3) Dooney & Bourke
    Burgundy with tan tabs

    (4) Unmarked other than "Made in England" on the adjusters
    Burgundy with brown pebble grain tabs

    (5) Unmarked other than "Made in England" on the adjusters
    Navy with black tabs

    SOLD (6) Cole Haan
    Silky yellow with burgundy tabs

    SOLD (7) Trafalgar
    Burgundy dots on navy field with textured brown tabs

    (8) Polo RL
    Navy with design and tan textured tabs (I think they are pigskin)

    SOLD (9) Trafalgar
    Formal braces with black suede tabs, silver adjusters

    SOLD (10) Trafalgar
    Brown leather straps with silver adjusters
    I purchased these new, and they've only been worn once or twice.
  2. Annixter

    Annixter Practically Family

    Up Yonder
    Dibs on 6 and 7 pending answers to measurement questions I have pm'd.

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