An Akubra Day

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Spatterdash, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Spatterdash

    Spatterdash A-List Customer

    I came up with a lil' marketing campaign idea for Akubra.

    "The morning light was blood red. The streets were filled with smoke and screams. Newscasters were weeping on the television and you were fresh out of coffee.

    Now, you're running low on ammo. The people barricaded inside with you are muttering in strange languages. The moaning outside is deafening, the sky has turned a sickly green and the power has just gone out. You hear thunder.

    Akubra. A Good Hat for a Really Bad Day."

    Feel free to add your own versions.
  2. PhilS

    PhilS One of the Regulars

    Upper West Side Gotham City
    I just ordered a Campdraft

    Based on numerous recommendations. Silverbelly color, which seemed to be in stock. I will need instructions on how to customize the hat when I get it.

    I am still going to buy an Open Road on eBay if I can convince all the other 7 3/8's to lay off.
  3. KeyGrip

    KeyGrip A-List Customer

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Akubra: When poisonous snakes are the least of your worries.

    Akubra: From a country where everything bites comes a hat that doesn't.
  4. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    ... but should.
  5. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Saskatoon, SK CANADA
    You will not be disapointed with your choice of an Akubra. In your quest for vintage do no neglect clones like Dobbs Westward and others that are indistinguishable from an OR. I have a Marathon and two Resistols and two Borsos that are dead ringers for an OR!
  6. KeyGrip

    KeyGrip A-List Customer

    Santa Cruz, CA
    We may be working off of two separate definitions of the word "bite".
  7. Spellflower

    Spellflower Practically Family

    Don't worry, Akubras only bite if the rabbits that they're made from come back from the dead...
  8. the hard sell

    I believe the one they already have "akubra is australian for hat" can't be beat, because it's true, it has become a generic term over here.
    As for things biting... OK I had an 8-foot brown snake at my back door yesterday, which would have had me dead in half an hour, but it took off because it was scared of ME, Unlike say a grizzly bear, which you guys have wandering round in the scrub. Here the only things that eat you alive live in the WATER!
  9. Socrets

    Socrets Familiar Face

    The Twilight Zone
  10. J.T.Marcus

    J.T.Marcus Call Me a Cab

    Mineola, Texas
    When I bought an Akubra "Jackaroo," I learned that jackaroo is Australian for "cowboy." :)

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