Anyone Got a Hand Presser Tool with 12mm Dyes For Double Cap Ring Snaps?

Discussion in 'Ask The Artisan' started by 1on1, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. 1on1

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    Been struggling to find the above 4piece die set for my FASNAP hand presser is waiting for re-shipment which is "on a slow boat from China"..been waiting a month now. I need to make snap closures on newsboy caps and i picked up a used FASNAP machine thinking it would be easy to find the dyes..not. If anyone has a quality half-ton type hand presser and the above die's that go with it, please PM me.

    PS yes i know there is a lot of cheap hand presser tools to be had but i doubt those will go through the fabric and plastic visor of a newsboy cap..most of these cheap hand presser tools are made for grommets which is way easier to work with. Attaching an example of the die set we need but obviousley it will look different depending on which brand hand presser you use.
    till soon


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