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Art Fawcett Hoosier Hat for Sale


New in Town
North Carolina
I purchased this hat from Bob Smith of Bob's Razor Works in May 2011. Here's what he told me in an email at that time:

<< Allen:
Glad you like the hat, while I loved it, it was rather formal so it was rarely worn.
I later collaborated with Art creating the Dusty Rose which is more casual and get worn more.
Thanks, Bob. >>

When this beautiful hat arrived I tried it on. Perfect fit on my 7 3/8 head. The hat looked new, as if Bob had never worn it. Since that day, it has spent the last 11 years on a shelf in a cabinet. Never wore it out of the house a single time. Even the leather band is in "as new" condition.

The hat is for sale for $350, and I will pay for shipping in the US.

I'm also selling a Stetson St. Regis homburg I purchased used in September 2010. It is a 7 1/4, black. At the time it appeared new, unworn. Like the Art Fawcett hat, I never wore the Stetson a single time. Perhaps I liked collecting better than actually using. It has been stored in the same cabinet as the Fawcett. During the last 12 years the liner has developed some brownish looking stains. Otherwise the hat seems to be in perfect condition, and the leather band shows no sign of use. I will post pictures of the Stetson in a separate classified listing. Asking $225, including shipping in the US.

I live in an economically challenged area of North Carolina. We are fortunate in that our county school system provides breakfast and lunch free of charge for the students. This isn't a sales pitch, just a bit of information...I am donating the proceeds from the hat sales to a local program that supplies backpacks of food for children in need to take home from school on the weekends and during holidays. Some children are hungry when unable to access food from school. These two hats sitting in the cabinet, serving no purpose, can make something meaningful happen.

P.S. After I made this post, I found a thread on Fedora Lounge about Bob Smith passing away in 2012. I followed a link to his Facebook page, and found a photo of him wearing this hat. It is posted below with the other photos. I am sorry to learn of his passing. He was a pleasure to communicate with, a very nice fellow.


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