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AVI Leather A-2


New in Town
Hey everyone!

I am a new member but have been browsing here and reading comments for years!

I’m another A-2 obsessor! I have recently purchased an A-2 bronco from AVI leather. I have had several A2’s from Aero and I must say it’s pretty good!

It looks authentic to me and nobody I know can tell the difference between them anyway! My missus always has something to say when she discovers I have purchased another jacket she doesn’t like them but I have always been obsessed with them. I just can’t justify the price of an Eastman unfortunately, as much as I want one!

If anyone is wanting an affordable authentic looking A-2 then I highly recommend AVI leather. Only downside is they only sell them in goatskin, however the Bronco was made in goatskin as well as horse during the war.

here is a photo of me wearing the jacket