Barbour Beaufort Waxed Cotton Jacket Sz 46, Sage/Olive Green

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    FS: $200 Shipped CONUS. Happy to work with international buyers and pay partial shipping.

    Made in England Barbour Beaufort 6oz waxed cotton jacket (MSRP is $400+). Condition is excellent. No damage or significant fading. All buttons and zippers work as new. Approximately 8 years old but worn sparingly as part of a [much too] large rotation of jackets.

    Beaufort is the classic mid-length British country jacket designed for hunting. Length will allow it to fit over a sport coat. Bellows hip pockets, moleskin lined hand warmers, rear lined game pocket and corduroy collar.

    I lost some weight this year so as fall approaches I'm slowly realizing all my outerwear acquired over the last 20 years is about 1-2 sizes too big. Haven't decided what to do with the leathers yet. I'm considering just eating more and getting fat again so my favorite jackets fit.

    Marked size 44. I wore a size 44-46 in most jackets (Aero BR=46, CR=44, RealMcCoys J-100=46). This barbour fits big, more like a 46 but it's designed for outdoor activities, layers and freedom of movement.

    Chest 26"
    Back length 30.5"
    Sleeves are hard because there is no shoulder seam. See attached pics for reference.


    DSC02435.jpg DSC02433.jpg DSC02429.jpg DSC02427.jpg
    DSC02399.jpg DSC02398.jpg DSC02397.jpg
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