Belstaff Cougar Waxed Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JCSD, Nov 30, 2019.

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    View attachment 198463 This was my favorite jacket up until the point that I decided to go all-in on horsehide. Just the right weight for an all season jacket and waxed for slightly harsher conditions. Sized 48 which is equivalent to a US 38. I’d say it’s more like a 40.

    Paid the $1300 retail and selling now for $650 including domestic US shipping and via PayPal Friends/Family.


    22.25” pit to pit
    18.5” across shoulders
    25.5” sleeve length
    23.5” length

    I’m located in La Jolla, CA. Thanks for looking!

    6C4F042D-2EF2-4704-8182-7112AB83E6F6.jpeg A493154B-0BF9-4038-8F4A-2B47ED017D00.jpeg 2F63D5EF-56AC-47CC-AF38-104A3497C615.jpeg View attachment 198475 B3230AAF-064A-40D4-96F6-0296F4174BB7.jpeg 646F3DD8-68D3-4EE6-B632-B402C9975673.jpeg BC7026A2-A0E4-4D07-B7DC-583456A543E0.jpeg
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  2. Jroot

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    Never heard of a cougar jacket collection by belstaff?
  3. JCSD

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    Was one of their classic styles like the Trialmaster and Panther for years. Has now been replaced by the “Gangster 2.0”

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