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Blutwurst! (How to Serve)


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I have decided that blutwurst requires its own thread.

For those who don't know, blutwurst, literally "blood sausage", is the German version of black pudding. It is somewhat of a purplish color and is rather intense in taste.

I enjoy variety meats but have always found blutwurst even a little too intense for me - that is, until today.

On a whim, I bought a small fresh round of blutwurst - maybe 1/3 lb. - at my local German butcher. When I had prepared it previously, I would slice it up, fry it in some olive oil, and serve it on some sourdough bread with hot mustard and radish salad or lettuce. However, the blood taste was always a little over the top (and perhaps olive oil is not the best choice for cooking it).

Today, then, I searched for how the Germans serve it: I came across the generic answer of fried and served with potatoes and sauerkraut. That was when I became inspired. This is what I did:

I took a can of potatoes (I was out of fresh) and fried them in lots of butter. When they were sufficiently saturated with fat (saturated), I added the blutwurst, sliced, and a piece of bacon, chopped, I had left over from breakfast. Regretfully (at the time), I cooked the blutwurst too long, and it began to come apart. But I then remembered a skillet fry my wife once had in Nuremberg, with sausage, potatoes, and eggs. So I quick scrambled two eggs and added it to the mixture. By the end, the blutwurst had completely fallen apart, but it turned out delicious. I added a little sauerkraut on the side.

I strongly recommend the above recipe: the taste of the blutwurst comes through, without being overwhelming, and the butter, potatoes, bacon, and eggs round out a tasty meal, with enough for two!

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