Building a lasting "dad closet" from the ground 'ish up

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by thatoreoguy, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. thatoreoguy

    thatoreoguy New in Town

    So, Im in my 30's. I have lived abroad, appreciate clothing, ride motorcycles, go hiking, travel and generally enjoy life.

    I am now embarking on making a forever home and building a family. This being my last bit of freedom to do what i'd like. I would really enjoy having a closet that reflects the clothes i have always wanted to wear. (vintage, fades, classic/relaxed)

    I have always been a person that buys things they like but never been able to "build" a really interchangeable wardrobe that tied together well.

    My current inspiration is this fine gentlemen in japan:

    I am just wondering practical advice to starting this endeavour. Id honestly just buy his wardrobe if it was a size or 2 up.

    I would appreciate buying things 2nd hand as much as possible.

    ummm yeah i know there are how to guides to buying wardrobes, but they seem much more suited to a businessman. the casual appeal im going for seems a mish mash so harder for myself to pin down what i should be buying now.
  2. zebedee

    zebedee One Too Many

    Bristol, UK
    I managed for years on 5 non-iron work shirts, 1 suit (don't need it much), 2 pairs chinos (1 dark green, 1 beige), 1 pair of dark blue jeans, 1 pair of beige Carhartt trousers, 2 flannel shirts, 2 Hanes t-shirts (1 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve), 1 chambray/denim shirt, 1 hoodie, 1 sweater, 1 navy overcoat, 1 smart blazer, 1 bleu travail, 1 Aero Highwayman jacket, 1 pair of Loakes, 1 pair of Nikes, 1 pair of boat shoes (crap, but useful), 1 pair of Campers.

    And assorted socks and shorts.

    And it was all great- much less stress, could travel at an hour's notice just using hand luggage.

    When you hit 40, you'll look like an old git wearing old clothes that you should have replaced, though.
  3. Lean'n'mean

    Lean'n'mean My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Click bait....I only came here 'cause I thought there was gonna be some woodwork.:rolleyes:
  4. Cornelius

    Cornelius One of the Regulars

    Great Lakes
    As far as the closet itself goes, line it with cedar! A full-spectrum natural-light lightbulb, full-length mirror on the inside face of the door, and narrow vertical shelving for shoes.

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