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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Andrew Putnam, May 15, 2019.

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    I think there is always a degree of hit and miss.

    I've bought two new jackets from Aero, sending in measurments and taking their advice on sizing, in the end neither of them fit me exactly how I would have liked (ones a little too slim and one is at least a size too large.) I still like them both but my best fitting Aero is one I took a gamble on eBay which had, I think, only a chest measurement and jacket size in the listing.

    Advice on measuring a similar sized jacket is always a great place to start, but no guarantee. I've got jackets where the chest measurement is an inch and a half less than I would expect to fit me, but due to the cut of the arm holes and the shoulders and such the jacket fits great.

    I think knowing that you might not get it spot on from the start is good and why a good return/exchange policy is something I always value when ordering a jacket.
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  2. Andrew Putnam

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    Hey thanks for the useful advice...really... I appreciate it! Yeah I think accepting the gamble is a big part of getting into the game of buying online. For me anyway. Yeah- I think I'll take that gamble. Got to on this side of the world. To a certain degree.
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    I'd really urge you to head to that pickings and parry shop I linked earlier and try on whatever style they have in stock. You can then tell Aero how size X of jacket style Y fit and ask them to translate that into whatever style you are actually after.....much less of a gamble. Plus you'll get a better feel for the weight of these jackets.
  4. I agree. A fit jacket or trying on your size in a jacket can easily tell you where you want to add sleeve or body length or adjust for best custom fit.
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    It actually starts with learning about your body shape and the "standard" proportion. Sizing depends on your body shape which sometimes can be tricky to visualize if only a few measurements are taken. For example, my chest is 38 but since I have a round body my shoulder is narrow so I usually downsize to size 36 or my shoulder won't fit. Hence my off the rack leather jackets always look very slim fitting. On the other hand, my friend's chest is 36 but he has a flat body and wider shoulder and he fits nicely into a size 38 which he can layer underneath or not.
    I believe most clothing are designed and made base on the norm of the race, gender etc. The chest, shoulder, length etc are base on a "standard" proportion in the industry. For example, most suits are drop 6 which means a drop of 6 inches from chest to waist. So if you have a "standard" body then you do not need to worry too much. Just measure say your chest and you will fit right in. But if you body happens to be different from this "standard" i.e. the usual off the rack clothing do not really fit you then you have to take lots of measurements, possibly photos and do your best to describe to the makers. In my experience sometimes it is difficult to persuade the makers to deviate from the standard proportion because the clothing are designed and drawn base on the standard and they fear too many deviation would destroy the look.
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    I came here as well when interested in purchasing an Aero Hooch Hauler -- got some great advice.

    With that advice in mind, I followed Holly's (from Aero) suggestions and the jacket turned out great.

    However, I seem to have a "typically standard" figure -- perhaps it was all just luck :)
  7. Andrew Putnam

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    As some members might know I bought an Aero HWM which is a little too short in length and sleeves, well maybe alot too small so I've decided to sell the HWM on and have put an ad in the classifieds and eBay. Thanks for the honest opinions which is exactly what I want to hear!
    Great that I now have a basis with Aero to work from. I wish Aero gave measurements for the front too as the Highwayman cut seems to have a long back and short front perhaps.
    I think I could go from 23.75 in the back to 25 but maybe 25 even to make sure it comes down in the front enough (hopefully not too long in back then) I might ask Holly about that one on Monday.
    And move from 24.75 sleeves to 26 or maybe slightly more. 27 is definitely too long- I'm thinking 26.25 would be my limit.
    The top of the jacket seems fine though 24.5 and shoulders 19.75. I think I could go a little wider there though without getting baggy.
  8. Bennarion

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    Sometimes even fitting does not help. Wear a jacket like everything is fine, but then you realize that it does not fit.
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