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Cal Leathers CHP 42ish


Call Me a Cab
Going to move one of my Cals again. I keep doubling up on them and find myself always going back to the straight zip first. So this one is pretty redundant and I'm really, really trying to get the jacket count down to closer to 12 (LOL, yeah right).

I wrote about here when I first got it. Nice pics out in the sun. Vintage Cal - It's changing my outlook on things | Page 6 | The Fedora Lounge

I spent a few bucks and some time on some fixes (sewing up arm pit tear in the liner, some patchwork reinforcements, paint removal, deep cleaning and conditioning, etc.)

It's tagged a 46L in the pocket, but it fits closer to a modern 42+. The extra back length over the usual 23.5/24 is really nice for anyone taller who always shies away. Also, there's some taper, so don't let the 24 ptp fool you. It fits more like a 23 ptp I'd say. And the sleeves, as always, there's some secret sauce in how these fit.

PTP 24
Back 25
Shoulders 19.50
Sleeves 25.5 around the bend (hits 1/2 inch past wrist joint on me)
Waist 19-22 (more or less depending on how tight you pull laces)

Super thick horsehide but very soft and pliable. Gorgeous grain. This jacket was definitely worn out in the wild. No major tears or scuffs, but some "bruising" here and there. I repaired a tear in the lining by the arm pit. There's some wear in the lining in the usual spots by the collar. There's a couple loose threads here and there and some reinforcing stitches in a spot or two. Still sturdy but there for extra support. Most of the belt loops were removed. Side laces could use an upgrade but they work. The zippers are all original and still working. Talon on the main, monster size. Eventually you'll need to replace the male side zipper pin that way you can keep the Talon head. Gwen has done this for me on a few jackets (costs about $60-80). But it's stable for now. Just be a little careful and you should get plenty more uses out of it. I'd say overall it's a solid 8 out of 10. If I rode, it would be my everyday beater for sure.

I got it at a good price from a fellow TFLer, but I did put a few bucks into it. So just trying to break even. Asking $325 PPFF Conus shipping included.




Call Me a Cab
Quite shocking :cool: LOL

Nah, it's just some piazza style string lights hanging from some steel cable that I ran across the patio. In the summer when I want to air some of the jackets out, I can hang about 3 on each side. Not quite old lady drying out her clothes on a clothes line, but something similar ;) It's great when applying conditioner so it soaks in better.

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