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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Dagenham Dave, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Dagenham Dave

    Dagenham Dave One of the Regulars

    Hello again,

    Well I totally freaked out trying to buy my second Aero Happy Days late in 2017 and completely pulled out. Now over 2 years later, I've finally decided to definitely buy my second one through Pickings & Parry.

    As mentioned previously, I've just found the FQHH on my original to be too heavy and rigid. And way too boxy in the shoulders. So this time I'm going with a thinner (mid-weight) leather, no heavier than 2.2oz.

    Also, I feel my original is perhaps a little too small and a fraction too short (see images below):




    It certainly feels tight and somewhat restrictive when zipped up. So I am thinking this one needs to be a size 44 with custom sleeve lengths and a custom jacket length, because I feel this jacket below fits better and look more 50s:

    Aero 15142 - Seal Jerky_1.jpg

    Aero 15142 - Seal Jerky_2.jpg

    According to Denny Calder, the size 44 Happy Days runs off these measurements (vs my original size 42):

    42 Happy Days –
    Pit – Pit 25”
    Across shoulders – 19.5”

    44 Happy Days
    Pit – Pit – 26”
    Across shoulders – 20”

    So a 44 would be an extra inch across the chest and an extra 0.5" in the shoulders. I'd also go 0.5" longer in the body. And I assume the sleeves will be wider too, which I think I need.

    So here are the measurements:

    Pit to Pit: 26"
    Across Shoulders: 20"
    Sleeve Length: 27.75"
    Jacket Length (centre-back): 27"
    Bottom Opening Measurements:*

    23" (just above wool waistband – with the leather pulled straight but without stretching it)
    20" (at top of un-stretched waistband)
    18" (at bottom of un-stretched waistband)
    *The stock 42 Happy Days I tried on originally at Pickings & Parry was a tad too tight at the waist. Laying the size 42 flat, zipped and pulled until the leather became straight (but without stretching it), it measured approximately 20" from edge to edge. Aero made mine to measure 21", but that still came out as fairly snug. I'm unsure of the actual bottom opening measurements of a size 44 Happy Days, so I'm not sure if the 23, 20, and 18 inches I've chosen above will work with the size 44.

    Can anyone help guide me as to the sizing? Am I doing the right thing going for a slightly bigger fit?

    For leather choice I am thinking either SMOOTH SEAL BROWN HORSEHIDE (SEAL JERKY HORSEHIDE), with the lightest SEAL available, and with a selection of the least grainy skins for my jacket (as pictured above and below):


    Or SEAL VICENZA HORSEHIDE (as pictured below):

    Aero Happy Days Seal Vicenza_1.jpg

    As it has been so long since I bought my first jacket, have people's opinions changed on JERKY vs VICENZA?

    In your opinions, which of these leathers gives the smoothest feel and most even appearance, and which is the lightest leather? My reading suggests that Aero's JERKY HH is generally smoother and more consistent it its overall colour, remembering that I want the finished jacket to look as close as possible to this:

    50s Happy Days_1.png

    Thanks for listening again.

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  2. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Are we in for another long journey on this one, DD? :eek::D

    No comment on the leather, it is subjective. I have a Vicenza half-belt, it weighs 1.8 kilos (size 44). It is lighter than FQHH but still heavy.

    Sorry but your photos don't really give us an idea of the fit, but I will say that half an inch longer in the body is meaningless. All measurements provided when made into a jacket are to within half an inch tolerances, so if you order 25.5 it may come as 26 or 25 - it is a hand made item.

    Take care with measurements - I am six two (188cm) and 188 pounds (85 kilos). I wear a jacket that is 26-27 inches at back, 19 inch shoulders, 26 inch sleeves, 23 inch chest.
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  3. Harris HTM

    Harris HTM One Too Many

    the Netherlands
    I own a vicenza Happy Days; my only experience with jerky is my sheepskin B-3 (the sleeves are covered with jerky). My Vicenza is definitely not smooth (really grainy) and weight-wise I do not think is actually lighter than FQHH (much more pliable though). The smoothest, lightest (and probably my coolest) Aero leather is my new Badalassi, I just received a great Teamster.
  4. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The Happy Days is a little harder jacket to sort from a fit perspective, due to the fact it's a bomber style jacket with bottom & sleeve cuffs, similar in many ways to an A2. My only "bomber" style jackets these days are Carhartts.

    Your statements about fit length (sleeve & torso length) are exactly the reasons I have worked with Carrie at Thurston Brothers, she typically orders each of thier jackets with extra body & sleeve length unless otherwise specified. I've always had very good results working with her and yes, she will service you in Australia.

    Leatherwise, I'd suggest the Vic as you are in Australia, and for the A2- or bomber style, it would be more flexible. GL with your journey.
  5. Dagenham Dave

    Dagenham Dave One of the Regulars

    I just looked up Aero Badalassi and found this jacket in Tobacco Badalassi:


    Wow! What a sensational looking leather and a great colour. Tobacco Badalassi looks significantly lighter than Seal Vicenza or Seal Jerky, and with seal knits would hopefully give this contrast:

    50s Happy Days_1.png

    If it's available, I've found my leather.

    Thanks Harris HTM.
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  6. Bahabp100

    Bahabp100 One of the Regulars

    But I love the design and the fit of my "Happy Days". So I'm trying to work out which MID-WEIGHT Aero leather will give the closest look and drape to these vintage jackets. And it appears to me that out of all the Aero leathers, FQHH appears to be the only one that is smooth and uniform. Or am I wrong?[/QUOTE]
    Midweight Jerky front quarter horsehide

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