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Chester Cordite - anyone had experience with them?


London, UK
They were roundly dismissed in a thread here a while back but I thought I'd give them a go and make up my own mind. I very much like the fabric on the sage green suit and I wear the DB jacket quite a lot - lovely with cream flannels.

I started a thread on them a few years ago - here it is:


They did get a very critical response, though the guy behind the business posted at the end and appears to have taken a lot of the suggestions on board. Your brown jacket you wore on Saturday, that DB one, is gorgeous. Late 40s American is probably my favourite tailoring style / era.

Yes they are. I just wish they did the tab and pin collars in colours other than white for a change.

I hear you on that. Others do do them, but mostly only in some sort of uber-skinny fit for teenage anorexics. I suppose white can be dyed for plain colours, but stripes would be nice. My perfect body regular wear shirts are Charles Tyrwhitt classic fit: if only they would do a spearpoint, a pinned spearpoint, and a club collar...


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United States
Looks great! Pretty flawless to my eyes.

Do you mind giving details of the rest of the outfit? It's all very lovely.

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Other than the wide shoulders (nothing wrong with them just not my style), I love that DB sportcoat. Overall, Cordite's stuff is looking pretty good. My question, though, is how high are the armholes?


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Anyone have any recent experiences, the shirts specifically? I do like his Half Belt jacket, although I'd like a zip pocket on the other side as well personally.