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Closet Blow Out Sale - Boots and Boots and Boots


Call Me a Cab
Geez things got nuts during those boring days of covid when there were endless end of the world sales.

Finally fine tuned what I'm going to wear and finally got a chance to organize everything. Was trying to save some of these for my 2 sons, but they growing like weeds and probably will end up bigger than me in the long run.

I'm not going to put a lot of effort into this since it'll be at a lower price point. Hopefully my reputation as a buyer and seller around here is good enough to trust me when I say these are pretty much new, maybe worn 10-15 times each, 20 max. Some early signs of creasing. Maybe some dirt on the soles and/or side walls, but no major or even minor issues. All have been stored with shoe trees and all were given at least 1 or 2 conditioning treatments.

Shipping is a pain, so prices are based on you buying at least 2, hopefully 3 pairs. I'll give out better discounts if you buy 3 or more. Heck might throw in some free stuff too at that point just to clear out more stuff. And if it makes you feel better, I'll donate half of whatever I sell to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

These are either 10 or 10.5. I'm 10.5 on braddock device, I"d say normal width. I wear 10 in most redwings, 10 in converse, 11 in vans and other athletic shoes like Nike, etc.

2 pairs of Becket Simonon Chelseas - dark brown and tan
1 pair of Thursday Captain - Arizona Adobe
1 pari of Thursday Diplomat - Copper
1 pair of Thursday Chukka - Tobacco
1 pair of Great High Top sneakers - White

a quick shot of each pair to follow. Please don't ask for a ton of pics. If this ends up being too much trouble, I'm just going to donate to local church.

Depending on how many pairs you buy, I'll probably sell them for $50-70 each, will throw in the high tops as a bonus in some cases. If you're on a budget and looking for a few different looks, this could be a great deal for you. Over 50-60% savings on most pairs.


Call Me a Cab

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