Companion Denim 13.5 oz. Burnt Red Japanese Selvedge Jeans - Taper Jan Size 31

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    I am selling these custom Companion Denim jeans because I've been puting some muscle during quarantine which I intend to keep and my clothes are becoming tight, and since I don't like wearing jeggings I prefer to let them go. These are built in a 13.5 oz.burnt red warp x weft Japanase selvedge denim using the Taper Jan fit in size 31 and a lot of customizations have been added which you can check below. I have also included the link to the order description detailing all these customizations and original price. As you can see one of the customizations is an engraved leather patch with my name in the inside of the waistband because I like my things to have my name on them rather than the name of a random "Designer" dude who actually never touched it and just slapped his name tag on a garment built by underpaid people in a third world country. You can easily remove the leather patch by cutting the seams on it with a sharp razor blade, or you can keep it and tell your friends that you own a "Jorge Cano" original. As you can see from the order link the price I paid for these was 417 Euros, my asking price is $250 (USD) and I will include shipping with it.

    Note these jeans have been washed once in machine wash (I know, heresy!) which cause some shrinkage, the good news is that shrinkage doesn't have to be accounted for anymore, I wore these jeans exactly 5 times only. Here are the actual measurements in inches:

    Waist 32
    Rear Rise 15.75
    Front Rise 11
    Upper thigh 11.75
    Knee 8.5
    Hem 7.25
    Inseam 30.5


    Fit: JAN / size 31 / inseam length 31

    Denim: D51 W: 13.5oz.

    Comp.: 100%co.

    Burnt red warp x weft, Japan.

    Lining: L18 70´s deadstock selvedge gingham checks – light

    Thread Colour: T13 Coral

    Details – Default:
    DT0 Companion nerve embroidery stripes with side flag
    DT3 Cotton tape binded fly (weights up to 18oz.)
    DT4 Chainstitch buttonholes
    DT5 Front pockets reinforcement (weights up to 16oz.)
    DT7 Chainstitch hemming on a Union Special 43200G (weights up to 19oz.)

    Details – Pocket Lining: DT20 Nerve pocket stitch

    Details – Fly: DT11 Selvedge one piece fly with drop arcuates.

    Details – Beltloops: DT18 Cord lined beltloops (weights up to 16oz.)

    Details – Others:
    DT21 Colorful buttonholes
    DT24 Narrow selvedge (4-7mm)
    DT28 Engraved leather patch inside waistband. 10 characters including spaces.
    DT29 Vintage tucked in cinch back
    DT33 Hidden rivets on backpockets.
    DT34 Split waistband with brown duck canvas inside.
    DT35 Rounded backpockets with double drop nerve embroidery.
    DT8 Exposed selvedge coin pocket with cotton tape reinforcement

    Waist Button: BW01 Silver

    Fly Button: BF01 Silver

    Rivets: BR01 Silver

    Patch: P12 Tan suede leather.

    20210614_210008.jpg 20210614_210109.jpg Resized.jpg
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