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Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by LetterJ, Oct 22, 2004.

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    Pyro: Great suggestions. I plan to send them the garments. Although I hate to take the risk in transport, what I want are accurate copies in my size. I think I am also going to have to track down the vintage fabric. Probably can do that in a trip to the garment district in NYC.
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    I hope that you are satisfied with what you got.

    I have made a very bad experience with (which interestingly seems to have several webpages with different names; perhaps this should have been a warning):

    To find out if mycustomtailor is good I made a first order and got a quite elegant shirt. So I made a order for 4 shirts and got real bad quality:
    -measures didn't really fit
    -size of buttons didn't match the buttonholes
    -cheapest quality of tissue

    Of course I never got my money back.

    Can somebody recommend an internet tailor? Is there a tailor where you are sure that he is not a crook?
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    I had thought they're franchise things.

    Anyway, makes one think. I was about to order a "test" shirt, too.

    Did you order the others in the same material as the first one? And what was their reaction to your complaint anyhow?
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    That's not good....

    It saddens me to hear that. Sounds like a local tailor may be better suited for you. MyCustomTailor is about all I wear lately.

    Since I have last posted here, I have ordered a 3-piece suit, numerous shirts and several pairs of pants.

    My first shirt we measured and re-measured. After about the 3rd shirt order I had the measurements dialed in. It wasn't that they fit poorly...maybe I wanted a larger collar on one and a little more room in the back on another.

    Same with the pants. The first pair I ordered fits a little odd in places. But, I too got those measurements dialed in to a comfortable setting. I send all the measurements and except for the length. I will order the pants unfinished and then get them altered locally for about $4/pair.

    Back in March 2007, my wife and I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Ravi Daswani at the Magnolia Hotel in Houston, TX. (He is the guy on the right in this photo. )

    He is very nice but also very passionate about his work. Some people may not like that. I found it refreshing that I had somebody to debate collar height and sleeve length. We made some minor adjustments to my measurements but not much.

    Where we really hit a home run was with my wife, Angela. We tried to order a test shrit and failed miserably. She was very put off with the experience. Well, now we had an opportunity to correct it.

    Ravi took her measurements, sketched a shirt she described to him and chose the fabrics. She then ordered a pinstriped pant/skirt suit with 3 silk blouses. One of them was pearl, one gold and the other wine or burgundy. They fit like a glove and she really enjoys wearing them.

    The one downside to a visit such as this is be prepared to order some clothes. I'm not talking just one shirt either. We ordered about $1100 worth of clothes. To me it's worth it because I get a better fit than ANYTHING off the rack.

    Are they perfect? No. The buttons they put on will break occasionally and I'll have the cleaners fix them. They sent a brown belt instead of a black one once. One shirt I ordered the stripes go horizontal not vertical and I found that a little odd. All of these defects I have discussed with Ravi and I encourage anyone else to do so as well.

    As I said earlier, MCT is about all I wear anymore to work. I'm a big guy and hard on my clothes. MCT keeps me looking sharp and professional.


    [Edited for grammar]
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    I've since changes to Hemrajani Brothers ( ) and had excellent results. The quality of material is great, and the fit and workmanship are excellent. I ordered about 18 shirts, a suit and a jacket.

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