Desirable Damage?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Superfluous, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Guppy

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    Cleveland, OH
    No. Why would anyone?
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  2. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    I was thinking the same. I don't want any of my clothes damaged, even the cheap stuffo_O
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  3. Willybob

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  4. Willybob

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    I second Dav and Seb. We all have different reasons for why we value what.

    I've got 3 Carhartt Chore Coats. I bought them over the last 20 years and wear them to work in and take a beating. They cost me between $50 and $80 each. But, they're all older (20+years) 100% made in USA coats you can't get new anymore. I know this doesn't matter to many but it does to me.

    One is a first production Chore Coat in perfect shape. I'm reluctant to wear it for fear it will be damaged. They are irreplaceable, unless I'm willing to buy ones made in China or Mexico, which I'm not.

    Would I wear one of my leathers like I would my Canvas? Sure, if I found a $100 beater LHB in a thrift shop or if I had ample funds to replace leather jackets when ever I wanted. I don't, so I wear used canvas.

    Lets be real though. We don't buy our leathers for labor, we buy them for our vanity, what ever that my look like.
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  5. red devil

    red devil Call Me a Cab

    I have different thresholds depending on the jacket I guess with my LW suburban being subject to the roughest use. But I wouldn't wear it to do any obviously damaging activity.
  6. Peacoat

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    South of Nashville
    The only time I wear leather in situations that it might be damaged is when riding my motorcycle. Then I only wear my dedicated motorcycle jackets, not my street jackets. If I knew a MC jacket was going to be damaged, then I wouldn't go on the ride. So, no, I never wear leather when I know it stands a good chance of suffering serious damage. Why would I? I have plenty of other jackets I can wear in those situations.
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