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eBay Auction Links Permitted.

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When the posting of live ebay auctions was banned several years ago, it was in recognition of what we, as a forum of some 4-5,000 members, represented as a growing force in the market.
As our membership has grown, it seems clear that the posting or not of ebay auctions (or Etsy sales, etc), really makes no difference in the final sale. Interest in the items left behind by The Greatest Generation has blossomed beyond what most of us would have expected even a few years ago. The rule, it is apparent, is pointless, and makes a lot of unnecessary work for the bartenders to enforce. There is apparently so much interest in these items among the buying public, and so very few auctions escape the notice of the members anyway, that we're removing the ban.

From here on out, we won't discourage the posting of such links. In fact, if you link to an auction, please post the link itself. Mentions of auction item numbers or seller names will be removed, If you're going to do it, do it properly.

The rule about posting links to your only auctions of your own items in Classifieds still stands but is changing on one key way: We won't permit the posting of links to your ebay seller list. You must post links to individual sales. Also, items linked must reflect the general vintage interests of members.

Of course, we reserve the right to remove auctions that the Bartender Staff deems inappropriate.

May the best Lounger win!
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