Ettiquete: Men and Bridal Showers.

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by MrNewportCustom, Jul 4, 2008.

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    I am going to make the wild assumption that two weddings = two vastly different locations .....and that someone at location two..wants to see a wedding..and not just a reception...but that they cannot travel to location 1 for -real- wedding
  2. BegintheBeguine

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    My two weddings were the civil ceremony in March and the church wedding and - most - of what that entails in June, 2004. Is that it?
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    Normally I'd agree about giving a last-minute "can't make it" except for the fact this was a last-minute invitation - acceptance of the initial invitation and then backing out took place in under 24 hours...and further, he wasn't sent an invitation with the others apparently earlier in the process. Just my two cents worth... and I completely hear you with people bailing out at the last minute, not RSVP'ing, or RSVP'ing "no" and then showing up with several other hangers-on with no forewarning.
  4. Paisley

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    Respectfully, all of this was known when the last-minute invitation was accepted. Suppose several people backed out: the hosts are left with food and drink they might not have bought, besides an underpopulated party that they might well have cancelled.

    However, last-minute invitations and asking men to a bridal shower aren't great moments in entertaining history, either.

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