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Feedback area here on the Lounge!?!


I’ll Lock Up.
Hello! I have wondered why here on the Lounge that we do not have a specific thread for allowing feedback to be given for purchases and experiences that we could share with everyone?

I make mention of this as for the most part, when doing business with another Lounger, it does seem that there is no issues to have a need to be addressed, that actually seems to be the norm but for Merchants? I know it would be nice to see feedback as to let someone "new" here to be able to feel comfortable about buying something from another Lounger and the same when doing business with Loungers that are Merchants, too!

This also could be a great way for people to see whom to avoid buying from or what services to avoid! As much "buying" that we Loungers do, to know whom to avoid could sure save a great deal of grief!

A great example: I buy something online almost every day. As we have a lot of shoes, I had the need to obtain shoe laces that I was not able to find "off the rack" due to a specific length of laces needed. So, off I go to buy some from a website, ShoeLace Express. For a whopping $14.99 cents I order a pair of dress shoe laces (grosgrain with metal tips) for a pair of my Husband's vintage shoes. Now the price was already insane for one pair of laces, but even more this website merchant does not provide any tracking information. After 12 days and no laces, I requested a refund by contacting them through Pay Pal. The website responded within 15 minutes to say they were sorry and had shipped the order again, "at no extra charge"....I've learned to think a bit more like a detective these past few years. I knew they had not sent the first order and more than likely had not shipped again within a mere 15 minutes. So I contacted them back to let them know the real resolve was to simply refund my money. The next day they refunded. There was no "shipped the order again" to anything they claimed to have done.

I would have to place this website on a "buyer beware list". Reasons being one: Price. I had to stop to think, $14.99 for only one pair of shoe laces? $6.00 of that was shipping fees! 33 inch long shoe laces...just is unreal to charge $6.00 to ship as the place is not all that far from me. Reason two: They did not do honest business with me. I knew they did not "ship order again". For $10.00 I purchased a "gizmo" from an ebay seller that I can put tips (aglets) on the end of shoe laces so I can buy a long piece of shoe lace material and make my own custom lengths! This is of course (at least should be a side note) I was able to buy 50 foot of vintage shoe lace that is the nice thin flat waxed cotton lace material for a whopping $3.95 shipped! And 65 foot of silk thin flat for $7.00 shipped. Now I can make all the shoe laces I want!

Then on the "wonderful list", I have not one time had any problems with anyone selling or buying here on the Lounge, including any "vendors". Seems for the most part, we Loungers have some good integrity.

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