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Call Me a Cab


Superior to the current version!

This is from the pre-takeover Filson--I know this as it's been sitting in my closet when Filson was still Filson!

Perfect not just for hunting, but also hiking, dog-walking, and flying.... the rear game pocket will function as another piece of carry-on luggage that you won't have to pay for! ;)

This vest is wonderful, and simply packed with features. The top half of the front and the back of the game pouch on the back are Blaze Orange (my pictures make this look washed out; it is true Blaze!) and likely made from Filson's Ten MIle Cloth; it is certainly (according to Filson) both water-repellent and tear-resistant, and features a reinforced shooting patch on the right-hand shoulder.

The main body of the vest is made from Filson's legendary Tin Cloth, which is impregnable to pretty much anything. The vest is fastened by four oversized buttons in front. It also features two deep, expandable bellows pockets, designed to keep equipment safe in the field; this both have flaps that are secured firmly by hidden snaps that are themselves situated on straps, allowing the maximum carrying capacity for the pockets even when closed. Both of these pockets are divided completely in two, providing even more carrying capacity for items that might need to be separated.

The vest has a bi-swing back for maximum ease of movement when tracking game, either with a gun or with field glasses. The back also features a *very* dep game pouch, which is also in Blaze Orange. This--and the front--provides the wearer with significant visibility. The back also features two loops at the neckline for hunting licenses.

The interior features a zippered security pocket. It was, of course, Made in the USA, back at a time when this was standard for all Filson products. Apart from some very minor scuffing on the front bellows pockets from storage, some very small smudges on the back behind the rear game pocket (which cannot be seen when worn) and some smaltz on the base of the game pocket (which almost certainly will be easily removed with a damp cloth--as I'll do before shipping!) this vest is in absolutely excellent condition.

This vest differs in some respects from the current Filson version. First, it has a designated shooting shoulder, rather than the dual version of the current model--a cost-saving exercise on the part of Filson who now no longer need to make left and right hand versions of this garment. It features a bi-swing back, which I believe the current version lacks--another cost-saving measure, alas. And it lacks the shell holders in the pockets that the current version has--although these are of dubious use in the field, which is why this version no doubt lacks them.

The current version of this vest retails at $195, plus shipping. So, how about $49, or offer, for this superior version, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA?


Width: 20
Length: 23 3/4

(This would best fit between a 38 and 42, depending on how you wish to layer underneath.)

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