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For Sale - Rare vintage mil. spec. AN-J-3 in a larger size (large 44/small 46).

Dr H

Call Me a Cab
Somerset, UK
For Sale - Rare vintage mil. spec. AN-J-3 in a larger size (large 44/small 46). Ironically, unlike the civvy AN-J-3 this one is a little large for me :eek:

The AN-J-3 is the short-lived, small run jacket pattern that was envisaged as a common replacement for the A-2 and 37J1. However, the army opted to replace the leather A-2 with the cloth B-10; the navy replaced the bedford cord 37J1 with the AN-J-3A.

This jacket (in common with all true AN-J-3 jackets) lacks a specification label so it's not clear (at least to me) who manufactured it. I can say that it is not the same pattern/manufacturer as the (Willis and Geiger?) AN-J-3 that Andrew sold last year. It also bears no resemblance to the detailing of the Doniger patterned AN-J-3 that I sold to Matt recently.










shoulders 20"
pit to pit 23.5" (zipped but not extended)
sleeve 25.5" to cuff
Front length 23"
Back length 25"

The good news is that the goat is in really sturdy condition (there is some apparent harness wear in places and abrasion to the collar fold but no rot and no flaking of the goat scales). The goatskin is also very thick (even better quality than my recent G&F M-422A) and well grained/patinated; it'll go on for years.

The bad news is that the lining needs work (it is wearable as it stands with some running repairs, but it would be truly great with a re-line). This isn't serious as the lining is an older replacement so replacement with a more authentic example will improve the jacket.
The waist knit is original but has been darned in a coupe, of places. The wrist knits are older replacements (and could be better matched for colour).
The zipper is a triple marked Hershey Talon (and appears to be an older replacement) - there is a little separation from the male end, but not serious and the zip works easily and smoothly .
The buttons are missing from both pockets (but can be sourced easily as Navy replacements).
The left sleeve has two older repairs ca. 1"-1.5" (the stitching is visible, but well colour matched and not glaringly obvious in general use).

In summary, it has lived and been used well and had running repairs, but looks great.
It would really benefit from fettling work, particularly to lining and knits), but could be used with minor work. If the buyer is willing to do a little more work then it has the potential to be a great wearable example of a really rare contract.

I'm looking for £400 ($644) plus shipping and PayPal fees (if applicable); I'll ship worldwide.

Please send me a PM if you're interested. If I have no interest then I'll put it on EBay.

Dr H

Call Me a Cab
Somerset, UK
Bump! Still available, last call before EBay.
Will throw in free shipping if sold on the FL.
Happy new year

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