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Freewheelers vs. The Real McCoys vs. Vanson Cross Zip Jackets


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I just can’t wear anything with a stepped heal. I like the way boots look, I just don’t like wearing them. I’ve been thinking I do need to find some slip on type Chukkas though.

Blundstones also wear like sneakers.


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My Red Wing chukkas (without moc toe) are one of my favourite items of footwear ever, regardless of price.


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If the majority of the judges deem the Vanson the better quality jacket, I will give you $10,000. If the majority of the judges deem the FW the better quality jacket, you will give me $5,000. I am giving you two-to-one odds. What do you say? @Monitor , I'll make the same offer to you. You guys repeatedly pound the table that Vanson is objectively the superior quality jacket. Lets see whether industry experts agree with you. I'm betting they will not and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. You?

I haven't been on the Lounge for years but came on here today as my little brother-in-law is after a "vintage" style jacket to wear whilst riding and (seeing as he's in his 20s) to impress the girls. I hang around on VLJ but know that this kind of thing is a TFL speciality so hence I came on here and this thread with a search.

Like I said I haven't been on here in years but to see someone (who obviously has a lot of money - you don't throw those kinds of sums around if you don't) to try and make a point against other members by trying to force them to back up their viewpoints with money is absolutely repugnant and so vulgar.

I was a regular member from 2006 until about 2015 when my interests changed. Visiting again I was really sad to see this kind of nonsense here. There has always been a great depth of knowledge on TFL for Golden Age clothing and it has always been a great community.

To come on here and see members trying to threaten other members to make bets (for a lot of money) is the lowest of the low.

Saying that and to the OP, that Vanson looks wonderful. I showed my little brother-in-law and he wants one.

EDIT - sorry for the long post, I just got a bit of a shock coming on here after all these years and seeing a member trying to bully other members with his personal wealth to make a point. Very bad form in my opinion and something which is the antithesis of what TFL always seemed to me to be.

I only chanced upon this thread with a search but saying that the insights of members in this thread and others has helped immensely. I think my brother-in-law is in line for a good, functional and cool jacket.
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