French hat from the thirties. Size is 55 cm 6 7/8 US

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  1. Daniele Tanto

    Daniele Tanto My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Verona - Italia
    Magnificent French hat from the 30s. Size 55 cm or 6 7/8 US
    EP 3.jpg
    Built in the French manufacturing capital, Chazelle sur Lyon, branded E.P.
    EP etichetta carta.jpg
    In the classic black color and shape in vogue in the thirties
    EP 5.jpg
    The felt is soft and with a peachy surface, like other European hats of those years.
    EP interno.jpg
    Despite his 90 years he is very well kept, the only shortcoming is the reading of the brand.
    EP 1.jpg
    These are the dimensions of the hat marked E.P .: raw brim at 6 cm. with ribbon, 4.5 cm. which matches the color of the felt, the crown lowered to its minimum point is 10 cm., open it is 13 cm.
    EP 6.jpg
    The asking price is € 50 or $ 60
    These hats are hardly to found, take advantage of this
    Ask for the exact shipping rate, specifying the destination. For any detail or photograph please contact me
  2. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat I'll Lock Up

    A beautiful hat Daniele, in every way.
    I like the term “soft with a peachy surface”. I have a very old French Berteil, quite similar, and can attest to the very high quality of the French hats.
    Soft and peachy is the perfect description.
    This hat will make someone very happy!
    Ps: at this price it’s nearly free.
  3. Daniele Tanto

    Daniele Tanto My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Verona - Italia
    Thanks Bowen for your words. It is true that French hats have had remarkable quality peaks and the felts were often a blast. The price is appropriate for the size and especially for what the hat cost me.
    I hope someone will have the idea to buy one of the tiny sizes I have to sell.
    I am always of the idea that business is split in two, if only for one it is a business, it means that it will not be repeated
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